DevOps - Right on Target

Tara Calihman - October 29, 2015

You know that DevOps is hitting the big time when Target is both sponsoring (and attending!) local DevOpsDays events and talking about the subject on the mainstage at conferences.

target From an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Target is trying to become more self-reliant when it comes to IT development…

_“A year ago, people wouldn’t even use the word DevOps and now it is part of daily conversations in the hallways,” said Ross Clanton, senior group manager at Target, who leads engineering practices across the retailer’s information technology organization. The new organizational approach focuses on tighter coordination between engineers and product deployment staff along with a more agile way of developing and testing applications.”_

More from that same article…

_“Mr. McNamara (the new Target CIO) is putting senior IT executives through hands-on DevOps workshops where they push lines of code into production. “**The purpose wasn’t for them to learn how to code but for them to build empathy and understanding for how their engineers are supposed to work in this model,**” said Mr. Clanton. It worked so well, that Target is now rolling that same workshop through the ranks of middle management, he said.”_

Wait…talk about building empathy & understanding for the engineer at the enterprise level? We love what we’re hearing and hope it becomes less of a surprising thing to hear large corporations say.

All of the DevOps excitement aside, it’s especially promising when a local company that we support & love, Techstars, decides to partner up with Target to launch a retail-focused accelerator.

The program, announced last week, will be launching next summer with ten companies. We can only hope that with this new initiative, Target will be helping the teams going through the accelerator to build DevOps principles into their engineering from the beginning.

targer2Keep up the good work Target & Techstars. We can’t wait to check out the first class!