The State of On-call 2015: It's Getting Better

Tara Calihman - December 03, 2015

After learning so much in the 2014 report, we had to follow up with another survey this year, if only to see whether people were reporting that on-call was getting better.

We had over 600 people take our survey, answering questions about the entire on-call experience - everything from setting up on call rotations and scheduling to the use of monitoring services to the adoption of DevOps practices and most valuable tools during the firefight.

And boy, did they dish. Here is a small sampling of what we discovered…

SOC-landing page




**Intrigued? **

Want to read the whole thing and see how teams are doing on-call? Simply click on any of the images in this post (OR HERE) to get your own copy and to start learning.


If a beautifully-designed survey packed with interesting results is not your thing, fear not. We’re doing not one, not two, but THREE webinars about the 2015 State of On-call results…so you really have no choice but to join us. Pick a date that works for you, bring your questions and get ready to learn how people are improving the on-call process.

Dec. 9th, 11 AM MST: Our CEO, Todd Vernon, will talk about changes from last year’s survey, emerging trends and continuing challenges.

Dec. 15th, 12PM MST: We’ll be co-hosting this one with founder, Alan Shimmel.

Jan. 12th, 12PM MST: Our partner, New Relic, is joining Todd to discuss the findings from the 2015 report.