Today Widget

Tara Calihman - March 25, 2015

unnamed-1 One of the handier, but lesser known, features we introduced shortly after iOS 8 was released is our Today screen widget. This iOS 8-only feature lets you quickly see when you are next on-call, without opening the app. You can even do this from the lock screen. If you are not keeping up to date on all the latest and greatest features of iOS, you may not even know this widget exists.

A Today widget is attached to a regular app. When you install the app, you also install the widget, but it is not automatically enabled. You need to complete this step manually to see what goodies are revealed by the widget. Note that you might discover lots of other widgets belonging to other apps when you follow these steps…

First, to see all the active Today widgets on your device, just swipe down from the top of the screen – it doesn’t matter which app is active right now. You will see the “Notification Center”, which is divided into two sections: the Today section, and the Notifications section. Tap on the Today tab to see all the active Today widgets.

Now, to see which Today widgets are installed but not active, scroll down to the bottom of the list until you see the “Edit” button, then tap that. This is where you will find the VictorOps widget, along with lots of others. Tap “-” to make a widget inactive, tap “+” to make a widget active. You can also change the order of the active widgets so you can put the best ones at the top (like VictorOps!).


Each time you scroll a widget into view, it will refresh itself if needed. The VictorOps Today widget will use the last login information from the app, and quickly check for the next on-call date that falls within 60 days.

That’s it, simple but very handy. You can even get your next on-call information from the lock screen in a couple seconds.


Now that you are using this latest and greatest iOS 8 feature, you should know that you can acknowledge an alert directly from a push notification without even unlocking the screen or opening the app.

(You know this right?!? Hint: Just swipe on a push notification to reveal the Ack button.)