Top DevOps Articles of 2017

Amanda Boughey November 20, 2017


From containers to ChatOps to observability, 2017 was the year of innovation. Developers (including our own) are challenged with creating more, better, faster. With this high demand comes a thirst for knowledge—you can’t do more if you don’t know more.

As we reflect on the year we’ve had at VictorOps we gathered our most loved, and most read articles to help you distill what was important in 2017. Here’s what our readers and our experts found valuable.

What our experts loved

Matthew Boeckman, our resident Engineering Advocate, spends plenty of time with his ear to the ground listening for important changes and trends. As an 18-year veteran building infrastructure and leading engineering teams, he comes with a heavy Ops background and a well-balanced friendship with Dev. This makes his passion for DevOps a natural fit.

What he loved reading this year:

Predictive Analytics in DevOps

Badri Srinivasan explains data and predictive analysis can be used by DevOps engineers in his article, Predictive Analytics in DevOps. After reading this article, DevOps engineers with be able to improve the DevOps workflow.

Monitoring SRE Golden Signals

In his article, Monitoring SRE Golden Signals, Steve Mushero talks about Golden Signals and the best ways to monitor them.

His favorite series on our blog?

Our interview series about the worst on-call horror stories.

Jason Hand, author and DevOps Evangelist at VictorOps, has been spending his time exploring a number of DevOps topics such as blameless post-mortems, ChatOps, and modern incident management. An active member of the DevOps community, his knowledge around technical and non-technical subjects is unmatched.

What’s he reading?

Merging DevOps and Agile

Because Agile predates DevOps, James Betteley and Matthew Skelton explain the best ways to merge the two concepts successfully in their article, Merging DevOps and Agile.

What series he loved most on our blog:

Jonathan’s take on transitioning Scala unified logging to full system observability.

What you love on our blog

When we look at what you love most on our blog, there are a few obvious winners. Our most read blog is something that we published in 2016: Akka ❤️ Ammonite. This technical blog explains the decisions we made behind using Akka and Ammonite, and shares an example about why the two are a perfect fit.

We had two contenders for top blogs posted in 2017: Focus on Analysis: The End of Root Cause and our first On-Call Horror Story. It’s not surprising you all agree with Matthew that the on-call series is a good read. We all have on-call nightmares—it’s nice to read someone else’s story to make us realize how normal our own is.

An obvious trend in our blog popularity is technical posts that dive in deep to a problem or solution. We’ll keep this in mind for 2018 and load you up with meaty information. Cheers to an innovative 2017. We’re excited to see what happens in DevOps in 2018!

Have a favorite article from 2017 that others need to read? Or a topic you’d like us to cover next year? Send us a note.

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