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VictorOps for Android v. 6.12 Applies Google Material Design

- July 31, 2017

The VictorOps Android team is beyond excited to launch version 6.12 today. In this version, we started applying Google’s Material Design philosophy to the software, introducing a more natural and overall enjoyable experience.

New Features

As our team applies these design principles to our Android app, it will behave more intuitively. You’ll use the app in ways that feel more natural and Android-like, with more comfortable navigation and behavior.

Updated Navigation

Gone are the days of swiping between panes to access information. With the introduction of drawer navigation, you will navigate the app and view on-call status information more clearly. You will also be able to log out of the app more quickly.

The drawer navigation is the first step toward continuing to make big improvements in how you navigate the app.

Material Design

A primary goal with the 6.x releases is to incorporate Material Design concepts, aesthetic guidelines, and cross-device unification in order to deliver a superior Android experience. These improvements include:

A new login screen

A new Control Call flow

Updated Manual Incident Creation flow

Tell us what you think

The VictorOps Android version 6.12 release is just the beginning of what we have planned, as we continue to build a best-in-class Android application. If you like our work, please leave a review. If you have feedback, let us know, we look forward to hearing from you.