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VictorOps and Cybric: Our Newest Integration Focuses on Your Security

Todd Vernon - October 05, 2017

Today VictorOps is announcing our integration with Cybric’s Continuous Security-as-a-Service platform.

The speed of DevOps adoption, coupled with maturing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery cycles in companies, requires companies to reevaluate the way they detect security vulnerabilities. Every push to production is an opportunity for new, competitive functionality for your product. But this also presents an unintended opportunity to inject security vulnerability.

Cybric’s Application Security Testing Orchestration SaaS platform provides continuous security assurance by seamlessly embedding code and application scanning throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle. By integrating with VictorOps to power the notification of vulnerabilities, software defects can be remediated more rapidly and documented in VictorOps’ retrospective reports to aid in future remediation.

To learn more, sign up for a personalized demo of Cybric’s platform.