VictorOps is Different

Tara Calihman - September 09, 2014


Ever since we launched, we’ve heard one question over and over: how are you different from the others?

It’s a good question. We can get into specifics but the most basic differences are in how we view incident management and our focus on being a customer-centered software company.

To their credit, our competition does a really good job of waking you up when something’s broken. But what happens then? You’re left on your own, in the middle of a firefight, to solve the problem and get the machine back up & running.

Here at VictorOps, we have a much larger product view, as well as a much grander perspective on what an incident management lifecycle looks like. Some products on the market focus solely on one aspect of incident management, but we’ve built a fully-integrated collaboration platform for IT teams.

We believe that the people who carry the pager deserve both support and a place to collaborate to more effectively solve crucial problems. By offering this functionality inside your Incident Timeline, you have the entire context of an Incident in one place.

And when the firefight is over, our collaboration tool doesn’t leave you hanging. Our post-mortem feature, allows you to pull a full report including all the details surrounding an incident. You can edit out unimportant details, annotate where necessary and then print out the post-mortem as a PDF that can be shared locally.

“_We were most impressed with how helpful and responsive VictorOps was during the setup process and with any questions we had after the setup. We truly feel that VictorOps values us as a customer and will go above and beyond to make sure we have a good experience with the tool._” - Mary Moore-Simmons, Technical Project Manager, Sendgrid ![sendgrid2](//

Our support team knows what you’re going through  and because of this, they’re standing by - at the ready - to help you switch over to VictorOps. Change is hard but with our assistance, it doesn’t have to be.

If you’ve entered into a contract with one of our competitors and are now having buyer’s remorse, we’re happy to accept the challenge of providing you with a way to make being on-call suck less. We are offering to buy out your current contract in order to prove to you that VictorOps is different.

Aggressive? Yes.

Confident? Yes.

Crazy? You be the judge.