VictorOps & Raygun: A Stunning Integration

Samantha Haltman - January 28, 2016

Is this a scenario you can relate you? You head to your favorite site, and it doesn’t properly load. You try a couple more times, but still nothing. Frustrated, you eventually give up and begin angry tweeting and/or embarking on a fury-infused Facebook rant.

When it’s your job to keep the machines running, this is unacceptable. Rather than your customers reporting the problem, it’s imperative that you are the first to know when something is broken. With Raygun, you can automatically detect, discover and diagnose errors and crashes that are happening with your software in real-time.

Sure, your customers could submit a ticket letting you know that something is broken, but with Raygun, you can actively receive reports of errors and crashes so you can beat your end users to the punch.

Raygun supports all major programming languages and platforms. And when you integrate Raygun with VictorOps, you will be instantly alerted when critical errors occur so you can begin to remedy the situation immediately. We’re excited about this Raygun integration - read on to see just how easy it is to get going.

Here’s how to get the integration set-up:

** In VictorOps **

  1. From the main timeline, go to Settings and then Integrations. Under “Incoming Alerts” select the REST Endpoint option.

  2. Copy the API key from the “Post URL” to your clipboard.

  3. Make sure you create the appropriate Routing Key for this integration.


**In Raygun **

  1. Select Integrations from the left side bar.

rtaImage (1)

  1. Select the VictorOps icon.

rtaImage (2)

  1. Select the Setup tab and then enter your VictorOps API key and Routing Key.

rtaImage (3)

  1. Make sure to Test the integration as this will send an alert into your VictorOps timeline.

  2. Finally select Save Changes and you are done!

If at any point you need help getting this integration set up, please feel free to contact our support team. We are always standing by to help!