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VictorOps Release Notes | 03/13/2020

Dave Wiedenheft March 13, 2020

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War Room (new pop-out incident view)

The new War Room interface pops out from the incident pane, allowing teams to better digest incident context and mobilize on-call teams. From this view, incident responders can track critical incident metrics such as time to detection/acknowledgment and find related integrations such as ServiceNow tickets and Slack channels associated with the incident. With the capability for responders to digest monitoring data, spin up a conference bridge, add other responders, execute runbooks and communicate in one place, this is where problems get solved.

War Room pop out interface from VictorOps incident view

In order to get to the new War Room pop-out incident view, you can click into an incident in VictorOps and select the button in the upper right corner (highlighted below).

Where to find pop-out icon in VictorOps incident pane


New Thousand Eyes integration

Thousand Eyes is a SaaS-based platform for network, infrastructure and application delivery monitoring. With the new VictorOps and Thousand Eyes integration, you can send your infrastructure and network monitoring insights directly into VictorOps where you can automatically route alerts to the right person at the right time. You can learn more about the benefits and implementation of the Thousand Eyes integration in our knowledge base.

Zabbix 4.4 ack-back issue fixed

When an incident was pushed from Zabbix 4.4 and a user acknowledged it in VictorOps, the ack-back wasn’t being sent back to Zabbix. Users would then have to log in to Zabbix and ack to silence the alerts. This integration was previously working for Zabbix version 4.2 and is now fixed for version 4.4.

VictorOps App 1.0.20 for Splunkbase

The latest version (1.0.20) of the VictorOps app is now available on Splunkbase with the “victorops_user” instead of the “list_passwords” permission. Now, regular Splunk users will no longer see VictorOps is installed and VictorOps users will be able to test and create alerts. Admins will be able to configure API keys.

Bugs and support escalations fixed:

  • Fixed problem with a restarting escalation policy when an incident is rerouted to the same escalation policy
  • Resolved paging conflicts for specific escalation policy behavior
  • Resolved issues with the incident display when rerouted
  • Fixed error when entering phone number during new user onboarding
  • Fixed bug with @ mention issue in the timeline where the user wasn’t populated in the timeline

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