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VictorOps Release Notes | 10/13/20

Dave Wiedenheft October 13, 2020

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Latest Updates from VictorOps

We continue to deliver new capabilities rapidly, and here is the latest updates since our last update:

Manage VictorOps using Terraform

Using the HashiCorp verified VictorOps Terraform provider, teams can automate the VictorOps setup steps associated with an application. A common scenario customers run into when deploying a new service is to also ensure VictorOps is configured to page appropriate users with alerts related to the service. With Terraform, this can be automated in a declarative way, ensuring that the new service is properly monitored with VictorOps from day 1. Here’s a step by step guide on getting started.

Stakeholders Alpha

Non-technical stakeholders can be made aware of incident status via SMS and email through a new read-only user license sold at a discounted price. Users can login to the web UI to view the message history.


  1. Incident Metadata APIs

    These APIs make it easy to add additional information to incidents that is surfaced in the UI. Now you can add things like status, tags, severity, or links to other systems easily to an incident to provide a more comprehensive picture of impact.

  2. Lots of other great updates to our APIs, including:

GET api-public/v1/incidents/< incidentNumber >:

New: Allows getting an individual incident.

GET /api-public/v2/user:

New: Allows searching for a VictorOps user by email.

GET /api-public/v1/policies:

Change: Allows searching for an escalation policy by name.

POST /api-public/v1/chat:

New: Send a chat message to the organization or incident timeline

PUT /api-public/v1/overrides/{publicId}/assignments/{policySlug}:

Change: Payload change to allow assignment of an override to someone that already has an absence scheduled for the override time

DELETE /api-public/v1/user/{user}:

Change: Additional replacement strategy “findReplacement”

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