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VictorOps Release Notes | 04/10/2020

Dave Wiedenheft April 10, 2020

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Team Dashboard (Beta)

Our new Team Dashboard view is currently in Beta, helping improve the overall user interface and experience within VictorOps. The new Team Dashboard now includes maintenance mode functionality to give you more controllability of your operations. If you’re interested in joining the Beta program for the new Team Dashboard, you can reach out to our support team here.

Similar Incidents (Beta)

Improvements to the current availability of the VictorOps similar incidents functionality. The new Similar Incidents Beta is bringing active and past similar incidents into the new war room UI. This allows teams to better understand when incidents are related to one another, enhance responder mobilization and provide greater context to each individual engineer in real-time.

Scheduled Overrides self-take

In an effort to improve customer experiences, we’ve updated Scheduled Overrides with the ability to self-take. This is an update to our current functionality, giving on-call users the ability to self-take scheduled overrides in order to limit email fatigue.

Time-based rules with RegEx

UTC timestamps are now included in alert payloads. So, customers can now use our Alert Rules Engine with regular expressions to create time-based alert rules.


VictorOps App 1.0.22 for Splunkbase

Now, when you create a VictorOps incident from Splunk ITSI, the ticket number will now show up in the ITSI episode review. This makes it easy for joint ITSI and VictorOps customers to:

  • From ITSI: See if there is an associated incident to the ticket.
  • From VictorOps: Gain easy access to the ITSI Filtered Episode Review or Overall Episode Review via annotations

Bugs and support escalations fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where an incident doesn’t begin paging again when rerouted to the user who acked
  • Fixed an issue with the Slack integration where the VictorOps alert and incident cards were not formatted correctly

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