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VictorOps Release Notes | 4/24/2020

Dave Wiedenheft April 24, 2020

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Table of Contents

Similar Incidents (Active and Past Incidents in the War Room)

We’ve moved our Active and Past Similar Incidents in our War Room pop-out UI out of Beta for customers using the VictorOps web application. The functionality is now available to all customers and is in Beta for the VictorOps mobile app.

Improved rotations and daily handoffs

Improved, period-based on-call rotation setup makes it easier for teams to set up schedules and assign shifts. Instead of “Standard, Follow-the-Sun and Custom” rotations, you now will select between “24/7, Partial day and Multi-day” when setting up rotations. And, we’ve increased the granularity of the rotation and individual shifts by allowing for daily handoffs when building shifts.

Updates to the VictorOps API

You can now retrieve a single incident’s detail through the public API by providing the incident number as input. This is a reporting-focused API call, allowing teams to retrieve details of one or more incidents. By default, it will return only resolved incidents. The updated VictorOps API allows customers to search amongst 1000s of incidents to find the one they’re looking for – drastically improving the efficiency of the entire process. Additionally, three new fields were added that help you determine who triggered an incident (server, user, etc.) and what was in the incident’s original detailed description. This API update is crucial for strengthening our customer’s integrated experience with the tools they use every day.


New Loadster integration

Loadster is a performance testing tool that helps DevOps and IT operations organizations optimize performance, reduce costs and prevent downtime. The new Loadster integration with VictorOps allows you to run tests directly in your browser and run alert automation off the results through VictorOps. Combine the powerful insights of Loadster’s performance testing with the action-oriented nature of VictorOps’ collaborative platform for incident response and on-call management.

VictorOps App 1.0.23 for Splunkbase

Addition of a new role: victorops_admin. This new role allows enterprise customers to have more flexibility around who can set up the VictorOps app, since VictorOps admins and Splunk admins aren’t always the same. Improved support for Splunk Cloud by adding support for the sc_admin role. Introduced links to other relevant documentation, including the VictorOps learning library and blog. Better visibility into the data API routing key details Better display of teams and escalation policies in the Alert Action Config

Splunk Add-On for VictorOps

For on-premises Splunk customers only. Now, instead of using webhooks, you can use the Splunk Add-On for VictorOps to directly link info between your VictorOps and Splunk environments. This allows teams to better connect data streams and use data in both environments to improve data visualizations, dashboards and overall incident response. If you’re running Splunk Cloud, you can find documentation for setting up this connection here.

Mobile Updates

New mobile activation

Introduced a new, streamlined process for installing and setting up the VictorOps mobile app. The new mobile activation workflow is designed to help teams and users set up paging policies more easily and get greater value out of the mobile app faster.

Preset conference bridge (Beta)

The ability to preset and use a conference bridge for your team’s incident response is now in Beta for the VictorOps mobile app.

Similar Active and Past Incidents (Beta)

As mentioned above, Similar Incidents (Active and Past) is now in Beta for the VictorOps mobile app.

Updated iOS and Android apps

  • Longer ringtones available in iOS
  • Improved iOS Keychain support
  • Self-assignment of Scheduled Overrides made available for Android (already supported in iOS)
  • Note: Android 4 or earlier devices will no longer receive updates
    • VictorOps app will continue to work but will not receive new features or fixes

Bugs and support escalations fixed

  • Fixed an issue with the password reset flow (mobile)
  • Fixed a broken URL in the annotation tab (mobile)
  • Fixed activation flow bug where users would get locked out of logging in (mobile)
  • Fixed an Ack from background issue (mobile)

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