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VictorOps Release Notes | 8/27/20

Dave Wiedenheft August 27, 2020

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Latest Updates from VictorOps

It has been a little while since we updated our release notes and we’ve been busy cranking out awesome new features to help make your life better.

So, here’s a quick rundown of what has been shipped since last time:

Improved Conference Bridge Support

Now, you can easily add your favorite conference bridges to incidents so your team can quickly collaborate in real-time and find solutions. With pre-defined conference bridges, your most commonly used conference bridge can be quickly and easily added to incidents, helping you save time during a firefight.

Updated Conference Bridge

Mobile Homepage for iOS and Android:

The new home page for VictorOps mobile apps will provide users with quick and easy access to what’s most important. Whether it’s during a critical incident or just needing to help a teammate out, the new home page will provide incident information, on-call details right at the user’s fingertips.

Mobile Updates 3

Mobile Account Activation

Now, when new users get invited, they can easily get set up with the VictorOps Mobile app. Users can set their notification preferences right from their device. Select from a variety of contact methods: push notifications, SMS messages or phone calls. Activating via the mobile app makes the onboarding process seamless for VictorOps users.

Okta Integration in Beta

If you’re using Okta as an Identity Provider, stop manually adding and removing users in VictorOps. Now, you can easily sync your VictorOps users with Okta. Contact to be included in the beta.

People Pane on Team Dashboard/ Team Dashboard as Home Page

A comprehensive view and status of teams and incidents, a major upgrade from the previous “organization” based view to a team-based experience.

People Pane

Splunk>VictorOps Jira Server Integration (Beta)

Enable the rapid response enabled of the VictorOps product, while leveraging the project management capabilities of Jira Server. Download the app here.

VictorOps JIRA integration

VictorOps for Splunk App 1.0.32

In the latest release of our VictorOps for Splunk app, we’ve made some improvements to how Adaptive Response Actions from Splunk Enterprise Security work with VictorOps, as well as improved default behaviors around alert configuration. Download the latest version of the app here.

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