VictorOps Rosé All Day: Release Notes 8.31

Dan Hopkins - September 02, 2016

Summer is slowly ending, and we’re clinging to these last, final, peachy days. So please enjoy Rosé All Day, the latest VictorOps product release.


Updates to the Incident Pane

• We continue to make enhancements to the incident management pane when it displays a high volume (thousands) of incidents. • We added longer field descriptions to the incident pane. Many people triage incidents based on the incident description, so we wanted to display more of it. This was a big request!

Updates to Android (6.2.160)

• We deployed a fix for the oak-leaf status indicating “is on-call for this team” (the notification was incorrect for a user within an expanded team). • We fixed the alert notification sound so that it returns to its original volume/vibration when set to override the system volume. • We performed some minor cleanup to the text layout for smaller devices (e.g. in the timeline-filter dialog).

Updates to iOS (4.22)

• We fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when returning from the background and scrolling through incidents. • We fixed a bug where resolving an incident would occasionally crash the app. • We fixed a bug where acking incidents occasionally crashed the app. • Long incident details fields are no longer cut off. • Acking from the lock screen is now disabled by default; please contact support to enable this feature.*


• We have a new API that enables you to pull historical on-call data. This Historical On-call API is in ‘validation’ phase. Please contact if you are interested in pulling historical on-call data. • We will no longer artificially split text messages if your alerts contain backslashes.


• JIRA Service Desk Integration. More great information coming soon! Visit the Knowledge Base. • We now integrate with Prometheus.

*Why we’re disabling Ack from the iOS lock screen

When iOS 8 was released, we were very excited to see that push notifications could now carry actions such as Acknowledge. We quickly rolled out this functionality to coincide with the iOS 8 launch.

Unfortunately, this functionality has turned into a major support issue. Apple’s implementation doesn’t appear to be good at telling users when something goes wrong with their “action.” In general, it appears that this functionality is useful for non-critical activities such as liking an instagram post or accepting a meeting, not for critical activities such as acknowledging an incident where the possible repercussion is waking up the rest of your team.

So we have disabled this feature for all new customers. We have left it on for current customers but can disable it upon request.

We’re going to continue testing and working to see if we can more reliably use this feature (maybe there will be changes in iOS 10). If you’d like to try the feature, please contact us. If you are an administrator and have users complaining that the feature doesn’t work correctly, we can disable it for your organization.

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone.