VictorOps Release Notes: Tito's Handmade Vodka 8.08

Dan Hopkins - August 09, 2016

This is a big release. So big that we had to bust out the hard alcohol.  Tito’s Handmade, Original Craft Vodka is savored by spirit connoisseurs and DevOps professionals alike. Each batch of Tito’s is handcrafted with careful skill and effort, just like each feature in this release. Delicious.

Tito's neon sign


Incident Pane Improvements**

Based on your feedback, some enhancements to the VictorOps Incident Pane are here.

New Layout The redesigned Incident Pane presents information in a cleaner, more compact view. We increased the visible number of resolved incidents to 1000 resolved incidents or 7 days, letting you see more active incidents at a glance, triage more effectively, and access information faster.


**Custom Views **Drill down to focus on critical information with the ability to hide different views.


Incident Pop-out You’ll also notice a new View button that allows incidents to be popped out into individual tabs - making it super easy to maintain multiple conversations at once.


Mobile View Mobile user? Fear not. All this goodness has been hooked up in iOS and will be rolling out soon for Android users.


Also Included in the Release

Outbound Webhook Availability. Outbound webhooks are now available to all Enterprise and Legacy Enterprise customers in public beta! Keep the feedback and feature requests coming.

Increased Outbound Webhook Customization. We now offer variable expansion in the URL for outgoing webhooks

Fixed Schedule Override Information. We fixed incorrect scheduled override information that showed in the calendar info popup

Updated Postmortem Report. The postmortem report now shows the username of the person that acked or resolved an incident

Fixed Schedule Display. We fixed a schedule display bug showing incorrect override indication in the calendar (we know you’re not overriding for yourself)


Updates to Android App (v6.2.159)

Fix to Filter. We fixed buggy behavior in the “Show Only Chats” quick-filter button, and this no longer interferes with other timeline filters

Control Call Filter. You can now filter out Control Call messages in the Message Types filter pane

Relocated Permissions. We moved permissions request for custom alert sounds to Preferences Pane (Android 6)


Updates to iOS App (v4.20)

Restyled Incident Pane. We restyled the Incident Pane, adding significant performance improvements and faster scrolling through thousands of incidents, making it much more snappy

Refreshed User Pane. We refreshed the user pane Rolodex, giving it a lighter view and many performance updates

New Sound Option. We have added the raphorn sound as an option in settings, in honor of version 4.20

Fix to Viewing Users. We fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when viewing users on the Rolodex, user profiles, or personal summary

Fix to Incident Viewing / Selection. We fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when trying to view or select incidents


Updates to the Platform

Inbound JIRA ServiceDesk integration. For people who initiate tickets from Service Desk, this exciting update makes use of webhooks to create bidirectional communication between Service Desk and VictorOps. Please contact to get set up.

Variable Expansion. Available in outgoing webhooks URL

Fixed Schedule Overrides. In iCal exports, we fixed the scheduled overrides

Failed Rotations / Rolls. We made various fixes for failed rotations/rolls

Fixed Failed Control Calls. We made improvements to handling of failed control call initialization

We hope you’re as excited about this release as we are! Send any questions about this upcoming release to