Waving our Geek Pride Flag

Tara Calihman - May 28, 2014

This past Sunday, perhaps missed as part of the Memorial Day weekend, was another holiday that means more to us here at VictorOps than just about any other: Geek Pride Day. We say this with absolute sincerity because we are a company founded by, and made up of, geeks.

(Although our CEO refuses to embrace his geek label, he started his career at NASA and is an avid Rush fan. Total geek.)

When it comes to identifying geeks, some believe that you know one when you see one. However, in order to better help with this subjective process, we created an infographic containing some of the characteristics that make up a DevOps geek. Using current research, we were able to deconstruct the anatomy of the typical DevOps geek and see what kind of characteristics  make up this unique creature.

Additionally, we included details we found that covered ground between these two types of geeks, proving that just like red wines, a blend is always the best way to go.**


We don’t play favorites at VictorOps so whatever kind of geek you are, have no fear. You’re welcomed here.

**I’m not actually a sommelier or wine geek so that statement might not be true.