Webinar: Ending Alert Fatigue with Modern Security & Incident Management

Jessica Kahn - July 19, 2016

Mark your calendar! VictorOps has joined forces with security-monitoring platform Threat Stack to present this webinar on ending alert fatigue. You’ll get a healthy dose of information on topics including: setting up intelligent alerting, reducing the stress level of your on-call team, and how to foster continuous improvement as you move forward with DevOps initiatives. For example, it’s important to periodically evaluate your signal-to-noise ratio and your escalation policies to avoid waking up the wrong people.

DevOps Webinar on Alert Fatigue

Some of the topics covered in this webinar:

• Providing Actionable Alerts with Contextual Data

• Using Automation to Help Remediate Issues

• Selecting Tools that Automatically Integrate and Talk to Each Other

• Learning from Failure

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Join Chris Gervais, VP of Engineering at Threat Stack, and Jason Hand, DevOps Evangelist at VictorOps, as they share tips on how to make alert fatigue a thing of the past.

When:  Tuesday, July 26th, 1:00p ET

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