Upcoming Webinar: Reducing Alert Fatigue

Jason Hand - January 06, 2015

As internet-forward businesses roll out more and more monitoring solutions to keep tabs on a growing list of mission critical services, it’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed with a high volume of alerts.


What’s worse is that over time, on-call team members may begin to ignore notifications due to alert fatigue. How do we find that “Goldilocks” of alerting - the amount that’s just right - so that our systems and on-call professionals are all performing optimally?

In our webinar on Jan. 14th, I’ll be joined by Senior Director of IT at VictorOps Mike Merideth, as we explore methods to not only identify and deal with alert fatigue but reduce it over time by fine-tuning your monitoring and alerting services.

Topics covered:

 - Identifying Alert Fatigue

 - Dealing with existing fatigue

 - Suggestions of reducing fatigue

 - Preventing future fatigue

Mike and I will discuss these main points in great depth as well as the iterative process of identifying which data sets really represent actionable issues, which ones are redundant or overlap, and which ones are valuable only for information, and are never actionable.


According to our 2014 State of On-Call Report, 63% of IT pros said alert fatigue is an issue and 64% believe that up to a quarter of all alerts are false alarms! If you and your on-call team feel overwhelmed or exhausted by the volume of alerts, please join us as we explore ways of reducing alert fatigue.