Don't Miss This Webinar: The Evolving Role of Context in Incident Management

Jessica Kahn - March 21, 2017


Providing Situational Context to first responders is one of the most nuanced and critical success factors teams need as they manage and resolve incidents. It’s critical at all stages of incident management, from alert detection through postmortem. Provide no context, and you’ll materially impede resolution efforts. Overwhelm a team with data, and chaos ensues.

Understanding the evolving role of context will differentiate your incident management abilities and prepare you for ongoing success.

In this webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of the evolving role of situational context as teams move from beginner to advanced in their incident management maturity. You’ll hone in on the factors you need to calibrate the optimal level of context, and learn how to deliver that context in the most effective way.


Matthew Boeckman is an 18 year veteran building infrastructure and leading engineering teams. Despite his heavy Ops background, Matthew has been a longtime friend of Developers and considers DevOps his primary passion and focus. Most recently VP of Infrastructure at Craftsy, Matthew is now a Developer Advocate with VictorOps - providing focused consulting and content for teams looking to expand their DevOps practice.

When:  Thursday, March 23rd, 1:00p ET

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