Welcome iOS 8 - VictorOps Style

Todd Vernon - September 17, 2014

[UPDATE: The new release is available for both Android and iOS in the app stores!]

We have a healthy rivalry in the office between iOS and Android. From the beginning, we decided native mobile apps were the way to go. Joe, our Android dev, and I have written different posts about some the websocket challenges here and here.


Joe is currently playing around with Samsung Live Gear watch. Yell at your watch to ACK an incident? The behavior seems about right.

Native apps were important to us because we wanted the ability to take advantage of each platform’s native ‘cool stuff’ immediately upon release. A few weeks ago, John and Dan started a skunk-works project (unbeknownst to me) to embrace some of the cool new features coming in iOS 8. While it wasn’t in the current development sprint, they seemed to find a way to fit it in and along with some new stuff I can’t tell you about yet (hint: it involves animated Pug technology).

With the arrival of iOS 8, we have two new features that we’re releasing (very soon!) for iOS 8-enabled devices. The first is being able to ACK incidents directly from the iOS 8 notification pane without entering the app.


The second is a widget for the iOS 8 today view display that lets you know if you are currently on-call or not.


The best product additions always come from customer need. We happen to be our own customer so we love building the things we want and need from our product.