A Wings Challenge for the Ages

Tara Calihman - January 30, 2015

We are big fans of flying around here. Perhaps it has to do with our CEO’s past at NASA but you can’t walk a foot in our office without running into a quadcopter or other similar flying toy. It also helps that we’re on the third floor in downtown Boulder with a sweet rooftop deck that provides ample opportunity for take-offs and landings. Whatever the reason, we get a little geeky about the aeronautics.

Take that proclivity for flying, mix in some delicious bar food and you have the recent hot wings challenge issued by our CEO…

Wings Over the Flatirons: Excellence in Innovation Award

The entire thing started as an email sent to the company, daring someone to figure out a way to fly an order of 4 dry-rubbed wings from the bar across the street to our office balcony.

Because a) hot wings are delicious; b) who doesn’t want them flown over from the bar across the street? and c) our CEO likes to get his smartest people on the problems really affecting his life.

Well, you can’t just issue a challenge like that to a group of geeks and not expect some productivity loss. The afternoon following Todd’s email was a haze of strategizing, planning and researching possible means of accomplishing this feat. People were clustered in small groups around the office, writing on whiteboards and scheming how to transport hot wings.

It was awesome.

But there were lots of questions that arose around specific details of the challenge. So our CEO took it upon himself to clarify during a company meeting.


Seriously. We don’t mess around when it comes to internal competitions. What happened next? Only one of the most exciting things to hit our balcony since the last big windstorm - THE FIRST ATTEMPT AT FLIGHT. Behold the splendor of Erik and his wing gondola.

Yes. That is indeed how we roll. Awarding innovation in the hot wing transportation space since 2014…


And have no fear - we’ll be here to update you with any new attempts at the challenge. It is a new year, after all, and that plaque needs some more names on it.