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Getting started with the Incident Automation Engine

When VictorOps launched the Incident Automation Engine in private beta last November, Craftsy was eager to see what the feature was capable of. We spoke with David Palma, DevOps Engineer at Craftsy to hear what he had to say about his experience…

“VictorOps beat us to the punch.”

When we found out about the new Incident Automation Engine feature, we were actually in the process of building something similar internally. We realized there was a serious disconnect between the alerts coming in, and the information available surrounding the alert. Implementing the Incident Automation Engine provided exactly what we were looking for with regards to annotations, and saved us a lot of time since we didn’t have to build this functionality ourselves.

“Rule creation for this feature was extremely straight forward”

Contextual awareness is half the battle.

Prior to implementing the Incident Automation Engine, I would get woken up for an alert and have no idea what it was, or what was needed to solve the problem. I would have to open 3 or 4 different tabs to try and wrap my head around the situation. Now with the Incident Automation Engine’s annotations, I save a good 5-10 minutes of trying to search for all the necessary documentation. There is no longer stress associated with having to obtain information from disparate places, and this has been extremely beneficial for the team.

Processes are getting better.

When we started using the Incident Automation Engine, our primary goal was to be proactive and annotate out the documentation and graphs we already had available. As we continue to build rules and increase our usage of this feature, we’re making sure to be reactive as well. If an issue arises that we don’t have proper documentation for, we go back and add the appropriate graphs and contextual information. We want to ensure all gaps are filled and the next person who experiences the issue will know exactly what to do.

In short…

With annotations available on desktop as well as mobile, the Incident Automation Engine has helped alleviate a lot of stress associated with our day-to-day on-call responsibilities.

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