Millions of Alerts Processed for Thousands of Happy Customers

“The biggest draw for me was VictorOps’ native mobile app. If something goes wrong, you’re having a conversation in the app that is scoped to the issue at hand."

Michael D’Auria

Infrastructure Lead at CrowdTap

“With annotations available on desktop as well as mobile, the Transmogrifier has helped alleviate a lot of stress associated with our day-to-day on-call responsibilities.”

David Palma

DevOps Engineer at Craftsy

“VictorOps is the Cadillac of alert management. The timeline and 'social' aspects of VO are what differentiate it from simple "beep this person at this time" offerings”

Dave North

Director of DevOps at Signiant

Getting started with the VictorOps Transmogrifier

In August 2013, Craftsy executive and former Linux guy, Matthew Boeckman, started looking for a new on-call management solution because their current tool wasn’t cutting it.

Skyscanner is Flying High with VictorOps and Monitis

When Lance Gobaira, a web operation engineer at Skyscanner, offered to share with us how they’re using VictorOps to alert on key business metrics, we jumped. Read on to see what he had to say...

Integrating VictorOps to Improve Workflow

This was provided by Dave North, Director of DevOps at Signiant. He credits VictorOps with improving his team's workflow…

Putting the Transmogrifier to Work

When we initially heard about the Transmogrifier, we were very excited about annotations. We were really looking forward to being able to provide…

VictorOps Gave Me My Life Back

I didn’t get to spend time with my family. I found VictorOps and thought, “This will give me my life back.”...

Bunchball: Putting Devs On-Call

Production system issues used to be a black box to most people on our team. Only a few developers had any insight whatsoever…

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