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Seattle 6.07.16
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Move past the jargon.
See how DevOps plays into incident management and resolution.

Join well known industry thought leaders and experts from local Seattle companies for a 1/2 day event focused on the latest and greatest in DevOps practices.

Attendees of the DevOps Roadtrip will:

  • Hear real-life DevOps implementation stories from local companies
  • Discover the trends that industry analysts are uncovering when it comes to DevOps, and see how your team stacks up
  • Network with others searching to implement real-time incident management best practices
  • Ask questions during an interactive Q&A session
  • Receive real suggestions to take back to your team & advice on how to get started
  • Get a rad t-shirt
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Opening and Welcome

Expert Panel + Q&A

  • Matt Augustine
    CTO & Co-Founder at PlayFab
  • Courtney Kissler
    VP Retail Technology at Starbucks

Breakout Sessions

  • Devs On-Call, How and Why to Get Started
    Matt Augustine, PlayFab
  • ChatOps
    Jason Hand, VictorOps
  • It broke in production, now what? Strategies for managing failure and getting back to business
    Jeff Norris, Technical Principal of Snap CI, Thoughtworks
  • Security & Compliance in a DevOps World
    J. Paul Reed
  • Finding Signal in the Noise
    Matt Williams, Evangelist DataDog

Keynote Presentation

  • ‘Failure’ as ‘Success’: The Mindset, Methods, and Landmines
    J. Paul Reed, DevOps Luminary

Happy Hour & Raffle


J. Paul Reed DevOps Consultant

J. Paul Reed has over a decade of experience in the trenches as a build/release and tools engineer, working with such organizations as VMware, Mozilla, and Symantec. In 2012, he founded Release Engineering Approaches, a consultancy incorporating a host of tools and techniques to help organizations “Simply Ship. Every time.” He’s been able to work across a number of industries, from financial services to cloud-based infrastructure, with teams from 2 to 200. Paul is also a founding host of The Ship Show, a twice-monthly podcast tackling topics related to build engineering, DevOps, and release management.

Courtney Kissler Starbucks

Courtney Kissler is an experience leader working specifically with technology teams accountable for eCommerce, customer mobile, personalization, loyalty, marketing, payments, customer care, digital foundation and store technology experiences. She is passionate about connecting technology investments to business outcomes, delivering impactful solutions and giving teams line of sight to how their work contributes to those outcomes. Courtney is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and worked at two startups, CyberSafe and WorldStream Communications, and most recently at Nordstrom prior to joining Starbucks.

Jason Hand VictorOps
DevOps Evangelist

Pulling from 15 years of experience as a developer, a system administrator, and a support specialist. He is fully emerged into the world of Agile development and the DevOps movement through his work with several tech startups in Boulder.

Jason is an avid outdoorsmen and adrenaline junky. Lover of fun. Hater of being on-call. Working to make it suck less.

Jeff Norris ThoughtWorks
Technical Principal, Snap CI

Jeff Norris is the Technical Principal for Snap CI, which provides Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration in the cloud. Before joining the Snap CI team, Jeff worked for many years at ThoughtWorks and led ThoughtWorks’ longest running project, an international leasing application with high uptime requirements that processed billions of dollars of equipment annually. Jeff is a co-author of ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar ( When not developing systems or leading teams, Jeff teaches and coaches tech leads throughout the Americas.

Matt Augustine PlayFab
CTO, Co-founder

Matt leads engineering and product development at PlayFab, a backend platform for online games. At PlayFab, he has experienced the challenges of growing an engineering team from a single person (himself) to a highly-functioning group, cranking out features and supporting customers, all while continuously improving product quality and reliability. Prior to PlayFab, Matt had over a decade of software development experience, working at Uber Entertainment and Microsoft on technologies ranging from video games to file synchronization. He is passionate about building reliable systems that are used by millions of people.

Matt Williams Datadog

Matt Williams is an Evangelist at Datadog. He is passionate about the power of monitoring and metrics to make large-scale systems stable and manageable, so he tours the country speaking and writing about monitoring with Datadog. When he’s not on the road, he’s coding.

You can find Matt on Twitter at @Technovangelist.

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