Increase efficiency with ChatOps, an approach that helps IT teams collaborate and perform daily actions from a unique, turbocharged chatroom. With this 75-page report, you’ll learn how your team can query information, work together on solutions, enter commands with bots and scripts, and comment on the work—all in one place and in real time.

Author Jason Hand takes you through key ChatOps concepts and technologies, as well as the challenges you need to consider as you start to use persistent group chat as your operational interface. You’ll learn how ChatOps can provide people throughout your department and organization with the context they need to understand how—and why—their operations are evolving.

With this report, you’ll explore:

  • Key benefits including increased automation and sharing of domain knowledge

  • How ChatOps relies on APIs to leverage tools and services

  • Why a familiar chat interface helps people engage with the process

  • Common uses and tasks, including read-only data retrieval

  • How persistent data from group chat can enhance other processes, such as compliance and post-mortems

  • The use of existing chat services, third-party integrations, and bots in ChatOps implementations

  • Several options to help your team get started with ChatOps

Jason Hand is the DevOps Evangelist at VictorOps, organizer of DevOpsDays Rockies, and co-host of the “Community Pulse” podcast on building tech communities. The author of “ChatOps for Dummies” (Wiley), he’s spent the last few years building and presenting content on many DevOps topics, such as Blameless Post-mortems, ChatOps, Cognitive Bias, and modern Incident Management.

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