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Traditional Post-Incident Review (Post-Mortem) techniques don’t work well in modern IT environments.

Why? Because DevOps teams require updated methods for detecting, resolving, and improving systems. Fast. And while teams are getting better at responding to alerts, this isn’t enough.

Incidents must be understood to ensure they aren’t repeated.

“If you’re looking for ways to get better answers about the factors involved in your operational incidents, you’ll learn myriad techniques that can help.”

J. Paul Reed

DevOps Consultant and Retrospective Researcher


The “Post-Incident Reviews” Report from O’Reilly Media presents an up-to-date approach to post-incident/post-mortem analysis that embraces the human element and adds essential insight into uncovering system flaws and potential improvements.

Download the free report to:

  • Learn why sustained success depends on continuous improvement
  • Examine the difficulty in determining outage cause and effect in complex systems
  • Understand why traditional approaches, such as Root Cause Analysis, do little to provide greater service reliability
  • Review a case study detailing the unique phases of an incident

*This book also includes a detailed overview of why DevOps thought leaders are moving away from the phrase “Post-Mortem Analysis” in preference for “Post-Incident Reviews,” including why the terms are different and what it means in practice.

About the Author

Jason Hand

Serving as a DevOps Champion and advisor to VictorOps, Jason Hand writes, presents, and coaches on the principles of DevOps and modern incident management practices.

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