Fast recovery is awesome.

On-call misery is not.

Over 800 professionals shared a comprehensive picture of life on-call. Their on-call experiences range from highly evolved to completely dysfunctional. Where does your organization stack up?

62% of respondents are proactively reducing alert fatigue.

Discover which tools are most valuable during firefights, the biggest benefits of post-mortems, and more.

ITIL is falling out of favor for on-call professionals.

How do they feel about new trends, like containers and microservices? Which monitoring tools are most popular?

5+ Years of DevOps practices correlates with a much better experience on-call.

Find out which DevOps practices are the ones you need to improve your organization`s on-call experience.

Download the full report and learn

  • Who is on-call, and how the role is changing

  • How DevOps practices impact the on-call role

  • Structural and tooling trends, including microservices

  • Top-cited remediation tools

  • Usage of ITIL

  • The most-reported costs of downtime

  • Incident management maturity

  • Predictions for the future

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve the state of on-call at your organization - download the full report today!

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