On-call? Critical alert coming your way? We bet you have strong preferences about how you want to be notified.

VictorOps is an incident management platform that serves on-call teams from alert preparedness through remediation and continuous learning. On-call teams receive alert notifications in a variety of ways, including email, SMS, phone, and push notifications through our application.

When you receive an SMS notification through VictorOps, two codes are included in the message so you can acknowledge and/or resolve the alert by responding with the correct three digit code.

See how VictorOps blends the functionality of email and SMS alerts for on-call teams

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“The biggest draw for me was VictorOps’ native mobile app. If something goes wrong, you’re having a conversation in the app that is scoped to the issue at hand."

Michael D’Auria

Infrastructure Lead at CrowdTap

“With annotations available on desktop as well as mobile, the Transmogrifier has helped alleviate a lot of stress associated with our day-to-day on-call responsibilities.”

David Palma

DevOps Engineer at Craftsy

“VictorOps is the Cadillac of alert management. The timeline and 'social' aspects of VO are what differentiate it from simple "beep this person at this time" offerings”

Dave North

Director of DevOps at Signiant

Integrate All The Things


Easily configure VictorOps as an alert action, sending Splunk’s data insights as alerts directly into VictorOps. Via Splunk Tokens, you’ll append dynamic, valuable alert information to rapidly send responders what they need.


See the full VictorOps incident payload, and acknowledge and resolve incidents right from Slack. The VictorOps functionality is mirrored in both systems and all activity is captured, so you have a complete black box of what happened.


Bidirectional communication between JIRA and VictorOps means your new issues, updates, and other workflow triggers in JIRA can flow to VictorOps, and changes to those incidents in VictorOps can flow back to JIRA as updates to the originating issue.


Connect Jenkins to ensure the right people have eyes on deployments in case of a problem. You’ll choose the specific build or deployment you wish to send to the VictorOps timeline, and receive notifications and any other contextual information.


VictorOps is broadly compatible with different versions of Nagios, enabling you to use custom code for local and remote service checks, notifications, and event handlers. We made sure that the VictorOps portal view is consistent with the view you see within Nagios.

New Relic

New Relic integrates with VictorOps so you can see end-to-end platform health and performance, as applications are running, in real time. Install this integration to send application performance alerts into the VictorOps timeline for full awareness and better collaboration.