A runbook is your go-to reference for solving a critical issue. System starts crawling? Server goes dark? When you have a runbook at your fingertips, you are in a much better position to calmly follow a clear set of instructions. It’s your antidote to panic.

A minimum viable runbook (MVR) is a runbook with the highest return on valuable information versus time spent creating it. It is designed to get you started with something small yet impactful.

Take these steps to implement a minimum viable runbook:

  • Choose a platform that ingests all alerts and chats into a single incident timeline (we recommend VictorOps, naturally)
  • Capture all team collaboration related to an incident (use ChatOps methods)
  • After an incident, conduct a post-incident review to decipher what happened
  • Build minimum viable runbooks based on your findings
  • Append incoming alerts with an associated MVR
  • Inspect and adapt to keep improving them
  • Repeat for different kinds of incidents

See how VictorOps helps you create runbooks that almost write themselves

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