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Continuously Improve with Actionable Reporting Insights

Using robust monitoring data, system actions, and human remediation, your team can leverage actionable insights to drive continuous improvement. VictorOps reporting allows you to surface and manage alert noise to drive swift problem resolution, reduce burnout, and promote innovation.

On-Call Reporting

Recognize the contributions of not only each team member, but also group performance. With VictorOps reports, you can visualize (and digest) processes, work distribution of teams, and workload of each team member with granular detail.

Incident Frequency

Identify what’s causing headaches and pain within your team. With incident frequency reporting, you can understand what’s causing issues and identify ways to solve your problems faster now—and more effectively in the future.

Post-Incident Review

The Post-Incident Review leverages the Timeline to record monitoring data, system actions, and human remediation. Leadership can quickly pull a timeframe of data (no more manually aggregation of emails, Slack, SMS, and monitoring systems) for key learnings. This report facilitates retrospectives and documents long-term action items.


Visualize how teams improve MTTA/MTTR with VictorOps. Dive into statistics around how long it takes your team to acknowledge, and how long until a problem is resolved.

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