Introducing the Incident Automation Engine

Stop thrashing in the chaos of the firefight. Get the power of intelligent inputs and actionable outputs.

What if your incident management system positioned you to resolve problems faster and improve with each experience?

With the Incident Automation Engine, these benefits are waiting for you.

Route Specific Alerts to the Right Person

Alert Transformations quiet unactionable alerts and automatically route specific alerts to the right team member.

Deliver Immediate Remediation Steps Alongside Alerts

Alert Annotations automatically append alerts with runbooks, monitoring graphs, and other relevant information, handing the receiver immediate remediation steps.

Fix Easy, Recurring Issues Automatically

Outbound Webhooks extend VictorOps platform data into other systems, allowing for everything from custom dashboarding to fixing standard recurring issues automatically.

Share Critical Information Across the Entire Organization

The VictorOps API extends VictorOps to existing legacy tools and reporting systems, expanding situational awareness and ChatOps opportunities.

Improve MTTR with Each Incident

The Post-Mortem Report Generator captures all remediation data from outages and saves you hours gathering data together, making it easier to figure out what happened and learn from each incident. Easily report on SLAs and communicate with your customers and constituents.

See the Incident Automation Engine in Action

Get an overview from the same folks that helped develop VictorOps, and learn how to make on-call a proactive, powerful job.