Traditional on-call scheduling software and IT alerting and collaboration software have nothing to do with each other.

Seems like a missed opportunity, huh?

VictorOps helps you get the right information to the right people when they need it, to solve the problem faster. With intelligent routing and the ability to send smarter alerts with the transmogrifier, solutions arrive with the issue for faster Time to Resolution.

How are we innovating IT on-call software?
IT Team Collaboration: VictorOps delivers the context around the incident and provides multiple methods of contact and escalation. including email, chat and mobile alerts
Situational Awareness via a Twitter-like timeline of monitoring data with baked in charts, links and Wikis outlining archived solutions to similar incidents
Native Mobile Experience for iPhone iPad and Android devices
Reduced Alert Noise: Measure team performance and pull meaningful reports that aid in cleaning up false alarms
Bidirectional Chat Integrations like HipChat & Slack to make ChatOps a reality for your team
Documentation which makes conducting IT post-mortems a breeze. Moving solutions into Annotations allows future incidents to be solved more quickly

VictorOps Makes IT On-Call Suck Less

by bringing alerting and monitoring tools together with incident routing, customized escalation policies and the ability to solve problems in real time.

Learn how DevOps collaboration, real time problem solving and incident documentation can help you solve issues faster. Start a free trial today, or join our weekly webinar.