AWS re:invent Happy Hour

Join us for appetizers and drinks at Yardbird, your first stop at the AWS re:Invent pub crawl. RSVP now for a chance to win a free full conference pass to re:Invent. Winner will be announced Monday, November 7.

AWS re:Invent

The largest global cloud computing conference. Re:Invent 2016 will give increased opportunities to connect, engage, and learn about AWS solutions. The conference will...
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DevOpsDays Nashville

DevOpsDays is coming to Nashville! There will be two days of great talks and breakout sessions. The conference will take place Thursday November 10 and Friday November 11, 2016 at the aVenue. Click here to learn more 

DevOps Enterprise Summit

DevOps Enterprise Summit is a conference for the leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. The goal is to give...
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DevOpsDays Madison

DevOps Days is coming to Madison, WI! Click here to learn more

DevOpsDays Ohio

DevOps Days will be coming to Shadowbox Live in Columbus, Ohio! Click here to learn more

DevOpsDays Philadelphia

DevOpsDays is coming to Philadelphia! With ignite talks, Open Space breakout sessions, and talks these two days will be full of content! The conference will take place Wednesday October 26 and Thursday October 27, 2016 at the Chemical Heritage Foundation. Click here to learn more 

DevOpsDays Kansas City

DevOpsDays is coming to Musial Theater Heritage in Kansas City! Where large enterprise software companies and a growing startup community are fueled by...
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PuppetConf is a unparalleled opportunity to hang out with the amazing team behind the products you use every day. Learn from your Puppet community members how to drive change across your infrastructure, your team, and your organization’s culture. Click here to learn more 

DevOpsDays Detroit

DevOpsDays is returning to Detroit! With panel talks, ignite talks, and open space sessions the two days will be full of...
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DevOpsDays Boise

DevOpsDays is coming to Boise! With Keynote speakers, ignite talks, and much more. The conference will take place Friday October 7 and Saturday October 8, 2016 at the Boise Centre. Click here to learn more 

DevOpsDays Raleigh

DevOpsDays is coming to Raleigh! There will be two days packed with DevOpsDays is coming to Raleigh! There will be two days packed with talks and Open Spaces breakout discussions.  Click here to learn more 

DevOpsDays NYC

Stop by our booth at DevOpsDays NYC Sept 23 – Sept 24 for a chance to win a new monitor! Click here to learn more. 

Velocity New York

Join us September 19-22, 2016 at the New York Hilton Midtown for a rich learning experience with other practitioners, developers, system administrators, and engineering managers from around the world.  Learn More 

DevOpsDays Dallas

Join us and share in 2 days of presentations, talks & experiences with other #DevOps practitioners at the Grapevine Convention Center....
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Live Stream: ChatOps – Virtual Happy Hour & Ask the Author

Grab a beverage and join ChatOps expert and author, Jason Hand on Sept 8th at 3:30 (MDT) for an informal virtual...
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DevOpsDays Chicago

Stop by our booth at DevOpsDays Chicago Aug 30 – Aug 31 for a chance to win three months of FREE beer! Click here to learn more. 

DevOpsDays Boston

Stop by our booth at DevOpsDays Boston Aug 25 – Aug 26 for your chance to win a new monitor! Click here to learn more. 

DevOpsDays Portland

Stop by our booth at DevOpsDays Portland for a chance to win a new Hammock! Click here to learn more. 

DevOps Roadtrip San Francisco

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DevOpsDays Minneapolis

Click here to learn more. 

AWS Santa Clara

Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you will learn something new at an AWS Summit. These...
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ChefConf 2016

Join us at ChefConf in one of the most awesome hubs for culture, food, art and DevOps, Austin, TX! As one...
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An Open Source Monitoring Conference. Monitorama events bring together the brightest minds among the open source development and operations communities. Our...
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Stackworld 2016

The goal of StackWorld 2016 is to connect the community and educate practitioners on scaling their applications and technology stacks. “DevOps”...
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DevOpsDays Silicon Valley

Click here to learn more

Velocity Santa Clara

Since 2008, Velocity has brought together talented people from diverse backgrounds who are doing amazing things in web performance, web ops,...
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DevOpsDays Salt Lake City

The DevOpsDays Salt Lake City organizers are excited to bring this great conference to the “Silicon Slopes“! Our conference will be held June...
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DevOpsDays Toronto 2016

Now in its third year, DevOpsDays Toronto will be kicking off again this year on May 26th. Look for us there;...
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DevOpsDays Seattle 2016

Join us in the Emerald City for DevOpsDays Seattle 2016 this May 12th & 13th! These two days full of networking,...
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DevOpsDays Austin 2016

From keynote presentations, to panels, and Ignite! talks, DevOpsDays Austin is an incredible opportunity to gain a breadth of knowledge and...
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DevOpsDays Rockies 2016

Join us for the second annual DevOpsDays Rockies event in the Mile-High City! Similar to last year (but bigger and better),...
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DevOps Roadtrip – Denver

Join Forrester analysts and experts from local Colorado companies for a ½ day event focused on the latest and greatest when it comes to DevOps best practices for those tasked with maintaining uptime. Get more information and RSVP today!

SCaLE 14x

Now in its 14th year, SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. With over 150...
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DevOpsDays Ohio 2015

Join us in Columbus, Ohio, as we take part in the DevOpsDays Ohio event! Centered around bringing development and operations together...
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DevOpsDays Detroit 2015

Detroit is an up-and-coming scene for innovation, technical advancement, and, of course, DevOps. Join us at DevOpsDays Detroit. Join us in...
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FutureStack 2015

Join the developers, IT experts, and technologists who are building, running, and (re)defining the world of software. Through collaboration with forward-looking...
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DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2015

DevOpsDays is returning to Silicon Valley! Join is in this hub of technology and software prowess to strengthen the DevOps community!...
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DevOpsDays Charlotte 2015

DevOpsDays is coming to Charlotte! DevOpsDays is at the forefront of shared knowledge, collaboration, culture and inclusion of developers, operations and...
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DOE Happy Hour!

Join us in San Francisco for our DevOps Enterprise Summit Happy Hour! The event will be held at Schroeder’s on Tuesday,...
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DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015

DevOps Enterprise is THE event for people who are bringing Lean principles into the IT value stream while building DevOps and Continuous...
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Velocity NYC Happy Hour!

Join us in the Big Apple for our Velocity Happy Hour! The event will be taking place at Faces & Names...
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Velocity NY – NYC 2015

Most companies with outward-facing dynamic websites face the same challenges: pages must load quickly, infrastructure must scale efficiently, and sites and...
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AWS re:Invent Pub Crawl

Join VictorOps and StatusPage for the AWS re:Invent Pub Crawl on Wednesday, October 7th at The Bourbon Room. Free food, open bar, awesome prizes, stellar networking, and a guaranteed good time! For more information and to be one of the first 100 given a VIP wristband for the event, RSVP here!

AWS re:Invent 2015

Join the largest gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community at AWS re:Invent 2015. Whether you are an existing customer...
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PuppetConf 2015

PuppetConf will be an unparalleled opportunity to hang out with the amazing team behind the products you use every day. Whether...
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ChatOps: The New Interface of DevOps with Jason Hand

Join DevOps Evangelist Jason Hand in Chicago on September 17th by signing up here at the “Next Generation DevOps” conference. By outlining...
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DevOpsDays Boston 2015

Join us at DevOpsDays Boston for The event’s schedule will consist of a mixture of traditional sessions, ignite talks, and the...
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API Trivia Night

Greetings, fellow Trekkies and Developers. Join us September 2nd at 6pm for our All Things API Trivia Night: Star Trek Edition!...
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DevOpsDays Chicago 2015

Join us at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center for DevOpsDays Chicago! This event will explore special topics from leaders on...
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DevOpsDays Rockies

DevOpsDays is a technical conference, aimed at developers, sysadmins and anyone else involved in technology, whether expert or beginner.Read More ›