Congress Plaza Hotel, 520 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60605

September 17, 2015


Join DevOps Evangelist Jason Hand in Chicago on September 17th by signing up here at the “Next Generation DevOps” conference.

By outlining the origins, the tools needed, and examples of what can be accomplished through this new and emerging way of getting things done, attendees will have a strong grasp on ChatOps and how it can begin to provide greater communication, collaboration, and efficiency.

The modern software development landscape consists of best practices and tools that allow teams to deliver software in a near-continuous manner. By adopting a culture of automation, measurement and sharing, the time to ship code has been greatly reduced, allowing for shorter release cycles and quicker feedback from customers and users.

Still, with all of these tools and methods, how can teams stay on top of what is taking place across their infrastructure and codebase? Hopping between services and command line interfaces creates context-switching which slows productivity, efficiency, and may lead to early burnout.

The teams and organizations that are leading the DevOps movement have turned to their chat client to provide a new interface. We are already in chat all day, sharing, collaborating, and conversing on what is taking place across all business units and projects. By moving tools and command line functionality into chat, we are able to create greater situational awareness and tribal knowledge across teams throughout an entire organization.

In this presentation, the audience will learn about the basics of ChatOps, it’s origins, and how teams who have fully adopted the DevOps best practices are using it to deliver high quality software quickly, deploy infrastructure safely, and manage incidents more efficiently than ever before.

Join DevOps Evangelist Jason Hand in Chicago on September 17th at the “Next Generation DevOps” conference.