September 30, 2014

Join DevOps Evangelist, Jason Hand, for a discussion on how to take full advantage of your post-mortems, and understand that the best post-mortems are often blameless.

Following up an incident, outage, or even a successful deployment with a post-mortem isn’t a new concept. It’s easy to understand the benefits of sharing, analyzing, and understanding what went well and what didn’t. In many cases, individuals blame others, or worse, themselves for actions that may have led to an outage. By understanding the human-side of complex systems and communicating that in post-mortems, we can remove blame towards individuals and seek out the true cause (or set of causes) of incidents.

Watch this and get:

Real-life stories of blameless post-mortems in action
An understanding of why blaming members of a team for an outage or issue is counter productive
Actionable steps to help you perform post-mortems in a blameless manner

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Jason Hand is VictorOps' DevOps Evangelist. Pulling from 15 years of experience as a developer, a system administrator, and a support specialist. He is fully emerged in to the world of Agile development and the DevOps movement through his work with several tech startups in Boulder. Jason is an avid outdoorsmen and adrenaline junky. Lover of fun. Hater of being on-call. Working to make it suck less.