Live call routing feature released by VictorOps using Twilio functions

August 22, 2017

VictorOps, a real-time incident management company for DevOps teams, announced the successful implementation of Live Call Routing, a new feature for critical incident management. Live Call Routing is built using Twilio Functions, a serverless environment for building and running communications applications via the Twilio Platform. With Live Call Routing, VictorOps users now have the ability to dynamically connect inbound support calls with the right response teams in real time.

Puppet Announces PuppetConf 2017 Keynote Speakers and IT Leader Track

August 3, 2017

Seventh-annual PuppetConf will feature inspirational keynotes from leaders at companies like Atlassian, Nutanix and Slack

Lacework Bolsters Cloud Security Platform, Adds Docker Support

July 25, 2017

Cloud security continues to gains attention with Lacework being one of the latest cloud security platform companies to tap into the growing market.

The company, which recently came out of incubation with its Polygraph platform, announced deals to integrate data from various companies to bolster its product. The integration deals include companies providing threat and reputation feeds; security information and event management (SIEM) vendors; and event management systems.

iXsystems’ TrueNAS Delivers Object Storage Features and Performance Improvements

August 1, 2017

New TrueNAS 11.0 Release improves storage performance by up to 25%, decreases latency by up to 45%, and enables customers to deploy a private or hybrid storage solution

Entrepreneurs Can Look to Angel Investors for Potential Funding

July 26, 2017

An enormous first step for getting a small business off the ground is exploring all funding options. Self-financing can be a difficult prospect, and a traditional bank loan is no longer necessarily the best option. But the money has to come from somewhere.

One method that can be a solution is seeking angel investors. These are often wealthy individuals looking to invest in promising young companies and new startups.

Angel investing can be a difficult road. Here are some tips for how to navigate it for an aspiring entrepreneur.


Four Technologies that Help MSPs Maintain SLA Guarantees

August 9, 2017

Maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is essential -- especially because clients now have advanced ways of quantifying SLA performance.

Here are four types of tools that can help MSPs meet SLA expectations.

VictorOps Launches New Post-Incident Review Feature in Tandem with O’Reilly Media eBook

August 10, 2017

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VictorOps, the real-time incident management company for DevOps teams, today announces the launch of its updated Post-Incident Review feature and the availability of the new eBook from O’Reilly Media and VictorOps DevOps Evangelist, Jason Hand. The eBook, titled “Post-Incident Reviews,” presents a contemporary approach to post-incident/post-mortem analysis that embraces the human element and adds essential insight into uncovering system flaws and potential improvements. At the same time, the new enhancement to their own Post-Mortem Report feature will provide customers with improved, more in-depth reporting capabilities.

DevOps lessons learned: Advice for IT leaders

July 12, 2017

DevOps is often described as a journey, a movement, or a culture. DevOps isn't just a set of tools that IT leaders can buy and put into practice the next day. It requires careful planning, continued attention, and a purposeful approach, such as creating a center of excellence or updating your DevOps team model.

No matter where you are on your journey, it's always helpful to hear from those who have been there, done that, and learned along the way. We asked seven IT professionals to share their DevOps lessons learned and best pieces of advice for others who may just be getting started. You'll see that not all of them see DevOps the same way. Some disagree, for instance, on whether you should have a dedicated DevOps team. Who's right? That depends on your company's situation and goals. Let's delve into their advice:

IT Service Management New User Reviews — Q2 2017

June 13, 2017

What have IT professionals been saying about their IT service management tools in Q2 2017?

In the review excerpts below, IT Central Station users share how their companies have benefited from their IT service management software, and describe which of their pain points have been solved.

Microservices Monitoring and Critical Incident Management

June 13, 2017

Learn how Dynatrace and VictorOps work together using artificial intelligence to make microservices monitoring manageable for DevOps teams.

10 critical skills that every DevOps engineer needs for success

June 8, 2017

While tech skills are a must, successful DevOps engineers also possess the ability to collaborate, multi-task, and always put the customer first.

The power of community in DevOps

June 1, 2017

We interviewed Jason Hand, a DevOps evangelist for for VictorOps, to learn about how much the community surrounding a technology can be either a supreme advantage over your competitors or the hindrance that will bring your project to a screeching halt. Collaboration can be a double edged sword and requires a constant effort on all fronts to prove successful. Like a cog in the machine that is development, if one cog fails to operate efficiently it can cause the whole machine to fail. Here's what Jason had to say about the subject:

IT Operations Automation Adds Brain and Brawn to App Support Tools

May 23, 2017

What's an IT operations pro to do in a world where management and monitoring tools think for themselves, and self-service IT infrastructure is deployed at the push of a button?

Jason Hand on DevOps Culture and Powerful Post-Mortems

May 8, 2017

In this podcast Shane Hastie, InfoQ Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Jason Hand of VictorOps about the DevOps culture, what ChatOps is and powerful post-mortems.

ChatOps: Has the Fat Lady Already Sung?

May 10, 2017

One of the sometimes unsung stars of the DevOps scene is ChatOps. I have heard lots of folks use the term, but what does it really mean to you? ChatOps is a phenomenon that started, perhaps not surprisingly, inside of GitHub. It was only natural that developers leveraging the repository to share and build better code would eventually start collaborating in ways that other messaging options just couldn’t provide.

Why Failure is Critical to DevOps Culture

May 9, 2017

One of the first steps in DevOps is to understand the need for some failures and learn from them.

Top DevOps Evangelist: Jason Hand, VictorOps

January 30, 2017

Again a very close margin of victory here, but a well deserved accolade for evangelist/author Jason Hand of VictorOps. Luckily, for VictorOps they don’t pay Jason by the mile as it seems he is constantly on the road. I don’t remember the DevOps Days or other DevOps event where I didn’t see Jason there. Somehow in between all of this travel, Jason also found time to write a book, ChatOps.

2017 Impact Awards honor the best IT products and services

January 24, 2017

Best DevOps Honorable Mention: VictorOps

VictorOps pushes the DevOps monitoring envelope
VictorOps received glowing reviews for its innovative approach to critical-incident management that is specifically tailored for DevOps teams."VictorOps has strong DevOps messaging, [such as] feedback loops, team collaboration and messages sent directly to DevOps pros, amongst other domains," said Robert Stroud, a Forrester analyst.

ChatOps essential guide: The basics, benefits, and challenges

December 20, 2016

Popular Group Chat tools like Slack and HipChat are now commonplace in organizations across every industry. Moving to a more efficient and extensible method of communicating not only opens the doors to highly collaborative companies, but it is often the first step in their DevOps journey. With ChatOps, you can bring teams together in ways email and instant messaging apps never could, it's astonishing to see the evolution of communication.

VictorOps lands additional $2.8M as part of oversubscribed funding round

December 20, 2016

With an annual growth rate in the high double digits and thousands of customers under its belt, VictorOps Inc. has become a magnet for venture capitalists.

The incident response startup on Friday revealed that it had raised an additional $2.8 million as part of a $15 million round originally announced in November. “We received a lot of interest in our Series B financing”, explained VictorOps CEO Todd Vernon. “It became clear that the round was going to be oversubscribed, and we wanted to take our time to choose the right investors to partner with.”

VictorOps raises $12.2M to help IT pros react to outages faster

November 30, 2016

VictorOps closed a $12.2 million funding round this morning to fuel its efforts. The investment was led by the venture capital arm of J.F. Shea Co. Inc., a major real-estate development firm that helped build the San Francisco Bay Area’s rapid transit system.

VictorOps’ value proposition won over thousands of companies so far including Snapchat Inc., Activision Publishing Inc., The New York Times and other big names. It’s also used by data center suppliers such as Cisco Systems Inc. to streamline the support services they provide to their customers. VictorOps will use today’s funding to try and expand the appeal of its service even further with a particular emphasis on large enterprises.

VictorOps raises $12.2 million from investors that include venture arm of Shea Homes

November 30, 2016

VictorOps, a Boulder firm behind technology to help companies better manage IT issues and software development, has raised another $12.2 million from investors, bringing its funding total to about $30 million. The new funds will help get the company to profitability, said CEO and co-founder Todd Vernon. VictorOps clients include Snapchat, Cisco and Intuit. New customers have increased 64 percent in the past year.

VictorOps Unveils New Integration Hub and Integration Guarantee Program

November 29, 2016

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company, today announced its new Integration Hub and Integration Guarantee to support new and existing customers as they onboard and expand their usage of the product. Further, the Integration Guarantee Program ensures that any and all monitoring solutions not already included in the Integration Hub can be integrated with the VictorOps product for new and existing customers.

The Best Places to Work: 2016

November 15, 2016

Boulder-based VictorOps says its incident management notification software “makes on-call suck less” for its growing customer base.

A better name for DevOps: ‘continuous improvement’

October 31, 2016

Perhaps "DevOps" just isn't a good term to describe what we need to accomplish when we attempt to fuse the innovative spirit of the development world with the get-it-done-and-out efficiency of the operations world. Perhaps it sounds too techy, or nichey. A better term would be "continuous improvement."

That's the view of Jason Hand, VP with VictorOps, who emceed his company's latest confab in New York, which explored the challenges and opportunities of DevOps. In Hand's view -- as well as other speakers at the event -- one thing is clear about the DevOps challenge: Culture trumps all.

DevOps pipeline tools woo enterprises with resiliency, integrations

October 12, 2016

Now, DevOps tools vendors have added integration features as well as non-disruptive upgrade support, in a bid to appeal to big companies just beginning to dip a toe into the DevOps market. Tools from Atlassian, Datadog, VictorOps and Automic are adding these new features because large enterprises are increasingly demanding them, the vendors claim.

VictorOps Announces a New JIRA Service Desk Integration, Building Upon Complementary Software Lifecycle and DevOps Solutions

October 11, 2016

VictorOps injects the power of real-time incident management into Atlassian’s integrated software and IT service management offering, behaving like a native solution.

5 steps to avoid burning out your on-call IT staff

October 6, 2016

Not everyone is built for on-call work, says Joni Klippert, vice president of product at VictorOps, a company that offers automated solutions for on-call management. There are certain sacrifices and accommodations on-call workers have to make to their personal lives that not every worker will be willing to make.

2016 Velocity Conference NYC – Next Generation Tools Ready for Enabling Digital Transformation

September 26, 2016

We discussed two major themes from DEJ’s IT Performance and Digital Transformation research: 1) the need for more automation capabilities and 2) becoming a continuously learning organization as one of the major attributes of digital transformation leaders. DEJ’s research shows that Automation is one of the key drivers for new deployments of IT performance monitoring capabilities and VictorOps’ incident automation engine enables organizations to: 1) recognize repeatable tasks that should be automated; 2) automatically trigger actions towards problem resolution.

Hidden Lessons of Incident Management

September 15, 2016

One of the most common early goals of implementing DevOps best practices is a deep understanding of your systems in a stable state. However, this objective is not a “one and done” effort. It is important to continuously circle back in some form as changes are introduced. It’s an ongoing exercise for an entire organization as processes, tools and teams improve continuously over time.

Slideshow: 7 ways to avoid alert fatigue

September 15, 2016

What you want is for alerts to sound off like a harmonious choir, all working together and only hitting the high notes when a real issue arises. So how do we get there? Rather than sit by the sidelines waiting for the next team member to hit this negative inflection point, Chris Gervais, vice president of engineering at Threat Stack, and VictorOps, offers seven ways teams can avoid alert fatigue.

Continuous Improvement: The By-Product of Monitoring

September 7, 2016

Agile and DevOps principles teach us that removing friction in our processes and communications is a critical component to success in modern software delivery. Shortening feedback loops allows for quicker responses to situations, as well as a reduction in opportunities for errors in data.

Daily API RoundUp: Slack Events Webhooks, PlanGrid, Restpack, VictorOps, Aquaplot

August 25, 2016

VictorOps is an on-call management service. The service aims to reduce downtime and resolve incidents quickly via seamless information sharing across teams. The VictorOps API rovides integration of incidents, on-call, and reports for life-cycle IT projects. It is listed under the DevOps category.

ChatOps is a new software testing strategy for DevOps teams

August 19, 2016

For managing incidents and escalations, applications such as VictorOps and Pager Duty provide a routing mechanism for issue management. These apps can determine the priority of a given alert type and make sure the alert ends up in the hands of those best equipped to resolve it. They integrate with IM systems and alerting engines to provide a fully automated approach to receiving, routing, communicating and resolving application issues.

Agile Programming: The Last Mile for DevOps

August 17, 2016

In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast embedded below, we explore how Chef Automate and ChatOps enable DevOps teams to work more efficiently, the ways in which agile development practices have shaped DevOps, and how the culture of DevOps has evolved as the ways in which businesses use software has changed. Electric Cloud Chief Technology Officer Anders Wallgren and ChatOps software provider VictorOps DevOps evangelist Jason Hand spoke with TNS consulting engineer Lee Calcote and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson at ChefConf 2016 for this podcast

Building a Blameless Post-Mortem Culture with Jason Hand

August 17, 2016

How do you build a blameless post-mortem culture? And should you? Richard chats with Jason Hand from VictorOps about the blameless culture, which is a methodology embraced by the safest and most reliable organizations

Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform Now Integrates with VictorOps for Real-Time Security Alerting

August 8, 2016

Threat Stack, a leader in cloud-native security and compliance management, today announced a new integration with VictorOps, the real-time incident management company for DevOps team. With the integration, Threat Stack Cloud Security PlatformTM (CSP) users can enable security alerting within VictorOps, allowing them to manage escalation workflows all in one place.

“Threat Stack’s VictorOps integration allows our engineers to receive critical security alerts in real time, which is crucial for our sensitive business operations,” said Ryan McMichael, Solutions Architect, StratusGrid. “Immediate notification of potential security threats is incredibly important to our customers. By connecting Threat Stack with VictorOps, we’re creating a bridge between two essential services that form the foundation of our business.”

7 Essential Open Source DevOps Projects

August 3, 2016

As more and more enterprises adopt a “cloud-like” infrastructure, a shift in work culture and practices -- known as DevOps -- is also occurring. According to Puppet’s 2016 State of DevOps report, the number of people working in DevOps teams has increased from 16 percent in 2014 to 22 percent in 2016.

VictorOps releases feature-rich Incident Automation Engine for DevOps teams

June 24, 2016

This week VictorOps Inc., a real-time incident management company producing DevOps solutions, announced the release of the Incident Automation Engine. This new product displays a set of automation features for on-call teams designed to increase mean time to resolution (MTTR) by using intelligent alerts, sophisticated routing and smarter system outputs. VictorOps expects that the Automated Incident Engine will help reduce the total amount of noise incidents by delivering its own automated triage of any given incident trigger before it is delivered to the DevOps on-call team.

VictorOps Announces the Incident Automation Engine, Further Advancing Innovation in Real-Time Incident Management

June 22, 2016

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company for DevOps teams, announced the Incident Automation Engine, a set of cutting-edge features for on-call teams to automate their way to faster mean time to resolution(MTTR) through use of intelligent alerts, sophisticated routing, and smarter system outputs.

Unlike other incident management tools that mainly focus on triaging alerts and notifications, the VictorOps Incident Automation Engine provides unsurpassed control and insight throughout the entire incident lifecycle via a combination of intelligent system inputs and actionable outputs.

DevOps for Crisis Communication: Five Steps to Prevent a Crisis from Becoming a Disaster

June 8, 2016

According a recent IDC report (link is external), the average total cost of unplanned application downtime per year is between $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion, and the average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure is $100,000. What's more, a recent report by IHS (link is external) about the cost of server, application and network downtime revealed that downtime is costing North American organizations $700 billion per year.

VictorOps Joins the Vendor Forum

June 8, 2016

Jason Hand, a DevOps Evangelist at VictorOps, has joined the DEVOPSdigest Vendor Forum.

Hand is also co-organizer of DevOpsDays - Rockies, author of ChatOps for Dummies, and host of a number of DevOps related meetups in the Denver/Boulder/San Francisco areas. He has spent the last 15 months presenting and giving workshops on a number of DevOps topics, such as blameless post-mortems, ChatOps, alerting, and the value of context within incident management.

How to use monitoring for innovation and resilience, not firefighting

June 2, 2016

Most IT professionals understand the importance of having the right monitoring and metrics in place to give them a pulse on infrastructure, code base, and facilities. With a focus on uptime and availability, extra attention is put toward efforts to identify a problem before end users do. Prediction and prevention of disruptions become central to your actions.

VictorOps Named a Gartner Cool Vendor in DevOps

May 19, 2016

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company for DevOps teams, today announced that it has been selected as a 2016 “Cool Vendor” in DevOps by Gartner. The report evaluates interesting new DevOps vendors that can enable customers to support continuous integration and delivery with innovative automation tools. This year, VictorOps was one of only five companies featured in the report.

“Being named a ‘Cool Vendor’ in DevOps by Gartner is a very exciting honor for the company,” said Todd Vernon, VictorOps CEO and co-founder. “This validates what we have felt for a long time - our technology and consistent pace of innovation is making an impact unlike any of the traditional offerings in market and is improving the lives of our customers.”

31 Colorado Businesses on Outside Mag’s Best Places to Work in the U.S.A.

May 10, 2016

Boulder-based VictorOps makes software for people who work at the intersection of development and IT. Its office comes fully stocked with all the goodies that come with being an Internet startup, including a house shuffleboard table, a kegerator, and a rooftop barbecue area....

VictorOps announces DevOps mobile app enhancements to reduce team burnout

March 31, 2016

VictorOps, Inc., an agile incident management platform focusing on collaboration, recently announced a large number of enhancements to the company’s mobile app designed to ease team friction and burnout when attempting to meet those expectations.

The VictorOps mobile alerting application runs on both Android and iOS devices and provides a platform for teams to stay informed and in contact regarding the entire lifecycle of a software development project.

VictorOps DevOps road trip will bring practical tips to a city near you

March 30, 2016

Looking to help spread the love and joy that is DevOps agile incident management company for DevOps teams VictorOps Inc. last week announced its DevOps Roadtrip. The road trip will bring expert knowledge to cities around the U.S., including Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, St. Paul and New York City, starting late this month (March) and lasting until October this year.

VictorOps Unveils Significant Mobile Application Enhancements to Cut Response Times and Reduce Burnout for On-Call Professionals

March 30, 2016

VictorOps, the real-time, agile incident management company for DevOps teams, today announced significant updates to the VictorOps mobile application. This increased mobility means that on-call teams are no longer tied to their desks, which keeps employee burnout to a minimum.

VictorOps Announces DevOps Roadtrip to Impart Industry Best Practices Across the Country

March 21, 2016

VictorOps, the real-time, agile incident management company for DevOps teams, today announced its DevOps Roadtrip, a series of events designed to help software development and IT professionals across the country to better implement DevOps practices. The half-day events will focus on tactics and strategies to streamline processes specific to incident management and resolution.

VictorOps to Provide Mentors for 24-hour Women’s Hackathon at the University of Colorado Boulder

February 17, 2016

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company for DevOps teams, today announced its new mentorship program that will kick off on February 20 to support T9Hacks, a 24-hour women's hackathon at the University of Colorado Boulder's ATLAS Institute. The goal of the event is to increase female participation in hackathons and to create an opportunity for students to explore new technologies, solve problems, and build a project as a team.

You built it, you fix it: Developers move to frontlines of IT incident response

January 25, 2016

According to the State of On-Call report, recently released by incident management platform VictorOps, more organizations are shifting the role of rapid responder from operations to developers.

TechRepublic spoke with VictorOps evangelist Jason Hand via email about why developers are increasingly finding themselves on the frontlines of IT incident response, as well as what's behind other trends facing those on-call. Hand said there are a few factors driving this trend, like the understanding of SaaS design, as well as the the rise of development and management philosophies like Agile, Lean, and DevOps.

New products of the week 1.25.2016

January 25, 2016

VictorOps Standard and VictorOps Enterprise
Key features: Both products go beyond alerting to support the entire DevOps incident lifecycle by allowing teams to prepare for, react to and recover from incidents regardless of location or device.

On-Call Tech Teams Are Fatigued and Stressed

January 8, 2016

On-call IT teams are responding to an average of more than 7,700 alerts from users a year, and almost a quarter of these alerts are false alarms, according to a recent survey from VictorOps. The time spent on addressing the false alarms comes out to an estimated $140,000 annual expense for organizations, findings reveal.

VictorOps Targets Enterprise DevOps Teams with New Incident Management Software Versions

January 19, 2016

VictorOps is aiming to extend its reach in the incident management space into the enterprise with the launch of VictorOps Standard and VictorOps Enterprise. The company's goal by having two products is to expand its enterprise customer base. Joni Klippert, vice president of product at VictorOps, noted in a press release that the company's customers are increasingly shifting toward large-scale enterprise type of deployments.

VictorOps Announces New Enterprise and Standard Product Offerings

January 19, 2016

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company for DevOps teams, today announced the availability of both VictorOps Standard and VictorOps Enterprise to support organizations of all sizes. The new products provide on-call teams with a virtual environment where they can resolve incidents quickly and seamlessly regardless of location or device.

DevOps is maturing, but teams are plagued by alert fatigue and still lack information to solve problems

December 21, 2015

Alert fatigue got worse for IT staff on-call in 2015, according to this year’s State of On-call report from VictorOps Inc.

The annual survey of more than 600 respondents found that alert fatigue is the number one pain point, with 70 per cent saying it was an issue in their organization – up 10 per cent from last year. “As infrastructures get more and more complicated, and more monitoring systems are tied in, alert fatigue and noise in the system gets to be a big deal,” said VictorOps CEO Todd Vernon. “It’s not surprising. It’s a tough job to do.”

VictorOps Announces New API Functionality

December 9, 2015

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company, today announced the availability of its public API to enable developers to customize on-call management, execute ChatOps commands, and build reporting unique to their needs. This first set of publicly available endpoints will allow users to manage the entirety of an incident in a way that best suits the specific demands of their organization.

VictorOps Releases Second Annual State of On-Call Report

December 3, 2015

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company, today released its second annual State of On-Call Report. In the report, VictorOps surveyed more than 500 IT professionals about what it means to be on-call and the challenges they face. The research indicates that as IT professionals are becoming more knowledgeable about DevOps and ChatOps, being on-call is slowly becoming more manageable.

VictorOps Makes #25 on Outside’s Best Places to Work 2015

November 16, 2015

Boulder-based VictorOps makes software for people who work at the intersection of development and IT. Its office comes fully stocked with all the goodies that come with being an Internet startup, including a house shuffleboard table, a kegerator, and a rooftop barbecue area. Plus, the boss’s love for everything involving tech and flight means that quadcopters often buzz around the 32-employee office.

Fortune Favours the Boulder – 10 Startups to Watch

November 12, 2015

Modern, connected enterprises means that DevOps teams have access to projects all the time – except when it’s their time off-shift. Then, if something goes awry on a system, and the person with the know-how to remedy it is not on-call, whole work schedules can be derailed. Working to provide a solution to this is VictorOps, which provides a platform that ensures all members of a work force are permanently at hand, even when off shift.

VictorOps Makes List of Top 100 Digital Companies in Colorado

November 11, 2015

VictorOps is proud to have made Built In Colorado’s second annual ‘Top 100 Digital Companies’ report. This list, which ranks digital tech employers based on local employee count, clearly demonstrates the growth the tech industry has witnessed in the past year.

VictorOps wins 2015 IQ Award

October 22, 2015

VictorOps awarded the 2015 IQ Award in the Software category by Biz West Media.

VictorOps raises $10 million to take the hassle out of DevOps

November 10, 2015

The three-year-old startup has bagged $10.6 million courtesy of The Foundry Group and Costanoa Venture Capital to fund the development of more features for its namesake notification service, which promises to eliminate the coordination issues that plague traditional troubleshooting processes. VictorOps aggregates data from different monitoring solutions that a company uses in its environment, picks out important entries and distributes them to the relevant parties on an automated basis.

To the victor goes the spoils! VictorOps secures $10.6M funding

November 10, 2015

Funding news this morning for incident management company VictorOps who is announcing a $10.6 million funding round led by the Foundry Group and Costanoa Venture Capital. This round takes total funding to date for VictorOps to just shy of $20 million.

VictorOps Announces Additional $10.6 Million in Funding

November 10, 2015

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company, today announced $10.6 million in equity funding. This funding was led by The Foundry Group and Costanoa Venture Capital and brings VictorOps to a total of $18.7 million in funding to date.

ChatOps Extravaganza With Jason Hand, Sasha Rosenbaum, And Peter Burkholder

October 19, 2015

ChatOps is used by many teams and companies as the main communication tool for day to day chat, and their most important activities. In fact, ChatOps may be taking the place of email in the workplace for internal communication for tech teams as it helps communication during DevOps activities like deploys, code pushes, etc. This episode discusses best practices (if there are any) of ChatOps and how to make sure you are getting the most from your team communication tools.

ChatOps: The New Interface of DevOps

October 13, 2015

The modern software development landscape consists of best practices and tools that allow teams to deliver software in a near-continuous manner. By adopting a culture of automation, measurement and sharing, the time to ship code has been greatly reduced, allowing for shorter release cycles and quicker feedback from customers and users. Still, with all of these tools and methods, how can teams stay on top of what is taking place across their infrastructure and codebase? Hopping between services and command line interfaces creates context-switching that slows productivity, efficiency, and may lead to early burnout.

The top 10 DevOps myths debunked

October 14, 2015

As the term and concept grows in popularity, naturally there are misconceptions and confusion surrounding the question "What exactly is this thing called DevOps?" Although the basic concepts have been around for nearly a decade, the term itself didn't appear until 2009.

New First-Party Integration With VictorOps

October 6, 2015

One problem that DevOps teams face when dealing with downtime incidents is a flood of inbound questions from other employees at the company. The CEO wants to know why the site is down. The support team wants to know what to tell customers. The sales team wants to know when they can resume doing demos. It's a nightmare.

4 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated and Productive

October 2, 2015

In a startup, productivity is the lifeblood of the company. Unlike enterprise level corporations where there can be a little more flexibility, startups have concrete milestones that must be met in order to succeed. Getting work done and meeting deadlines is critical and at a startup you have much more at stake.

VictorOps’ Automated Incident Management Solution Provides Remediation Measures to ServiceNow Users

September 14, 2015

VictorOps, a provider of real time incident management solutions, announces its integration with ServiceNow, the enterprise IT cloud services company, that enables ServiceNow users to automate incident management using VictorOps.

The Sea Change that is DevOps – DevOps is changing tools and infrastructure as we know it: Part 2

September 8, 2015

In the first part of this series, I explored the factors that have lead DevOps to where it is today. From a three to six month deployment period to regular weekly (or even daily) deployments, DevOps has certainly changed the IT landscape as we know it. Now, with the growing adoption of a DevOps mindset, the IT world is seeing a huge growth in software companies created specifically for DevOps professionals.

New products of the week 08.31.2015

August 31, 2015

Through the integration between VictorOps and ServiceNow, incident response management can now be immediately automated. Features of this integration include automated dialing and escalation, sophisticated routing and situational awareness.

ServiceNow gets automated incident management through VictorOps integration

August 27, 2015

ServiceNow added automated incident management features thanks to a partnership and integration with VictorOps. It's an interesting combination that could be useful to enterprise DevOps teams.

VictorOps Announces New Integration with ServiceNow for Automated Incident Management

August 26, 2015

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company, today announced a new integration with ServiceNow, the enterprise IT cloud services company. For the first time, ServiceNow users can immediately automate incident response management using VictorOps tools.

What is SecOps, and why should you care?

August 20, 2015

If DevOps is still in its infancy years, then SecOps is barely out of the womb. It's going to become more important over time, particularly if organizations find their agile and fast continuous delivery efforts start to open up security holes.

In an interview with Todd Vernon, founder and CEO of VictorOps, I started with the basics of SecOps, which he said is still in such an early phase of development that there is no standard definition or any vendors really tackling the problem (yet).

VictorOps Intelligent Routing and Annotated Alerting Improves Resolution Time for DevOps Organizations

June 22, 2015

VictorOps, the real-time incident management platform for DevOps, today announced that its intelligent routing and alert annotations functionality, known as the Transmogrifier, has demonstrably changed and improved the way teams solve problems. Available since November 2014, VictorOps’ Transmogrifier feature pairs intelligent routing and alert annotations to improve time-to-resolution.

VictorOps knows if you work hard, you play hard

May 15, 2015

Victor Ops ranked No. 2 in the medium-sized companies category for the 2015 Best Places to Work.

VictorOps Launches Instant Access to Conferencing During the Firefight

April 28, 2015

VictorOps, the real-time incident management company, today launched VictorOps Control Call, an in-app feature that allows for easy-tap connectivity to conference calling. VictorOps Control Call allows users to initiate conference calls and invite people from different locations without actually dialing a phone number or access code.

First ChatOps Book Details Approach and Best Practices for DevOps Communication and Collaboration

April 22, 2015

ChatOps, an emerging practice within the DevOps movement, brings a new approach to communication that allows IT teams to collaborate and manage not only aspects of their infrastructure and code, but a wide variety of functions within an organization, all from the comfort and safety of a chat client. The launch of the first book on ChatOps, written by Jason Hand, DevOps Evangelist at VictorOps, will help the industry better understand the benefits of the approach, as well as how ChatOps tools and methods can help in the incident lifecycle.

Site24x7, VictorOps Revamp DevOps Solutions

April 8, 2015

...VictorOps, which offer a real-time incident management platform for DevOps, announced enhancements to its intelligent routing and alert annotations functionality, known as the Transmogrifier. The enhancements, which pair intelligent routing with alert annotations, help to improve the way teams solve problems and cut resolution time.

The IT Culture War: The Struggle to Adopt DevOps

March 18, 2015

At the surface, DevOps might be easier defined by looking at what DevOps is not. DevOps isn’t tools or services that you download from the cloud, the title you give a newly hired engineer, or something you can purchase or find on a balance sheet. I can go on and on about what DevOps is not, but the three statements above are common myths and misconceptions, so it’s important to point them out early when trying to help others understand DevOps.

The IT Culture War: The Struggle to Adopt DevOps

March 18, 2015

At the surface, DevOps might be easier defined by looking at what DevOps is not. DevOps isn’t tools or services that you download from the cloud, the title you give a newly hired engineer, or something you can purchase or find on a balance sheet. I can go on and on about what DevOps is not, but the three statements above are common myths and misconceptions, so it’s important to point them out early when trying to help others understand DevOps.

Commentary: Ultimately, It’s All Just DevOps

March 16, 2015

The recent EnterpriseTech article, DevOps Emerges in the Enterprise, examines industry analyst Gartner’s assertion that DevOps is not a market. Instead, the market researcher insists it is a loose collection of tools used in a specific philosophical way.

Implementing security operations management in AWS

March 3, 2015

A SecOps approach mirrors DevOps principles of better communication between developers and operations in the security realm, said Todd Vernon, CEO of VictorOps, a DevOps tool provider. DevOps allows IT teams to make quick changes to cloud applications prior to deploying them into production. But this can also introduce significant security problems.

VictorOps Releases “Transmogrifier”, Equipping DevOps and IT Teams with Rich Alerts to Reduce Time-to-Resolution

February 4, 2015

VictorOps, the leading alert management and on-call collaboration platform for IT and DevOps teams, today makes its Transmogrifier feature publicly available. This release delivers on customer feedback and addresses common challenges related to alert fatigue/noise and the surfacing of real-time contextual data to reduce Time-to-Resolution (TTR).

Service Providers Jump on IT Bandwagon

March 15, 2015

While emerging players like WSM are stressing automation, testing and an expanding DevOps toolset, others who have long been in the DevOps trenches insist it is more than a set of tools. In a commentary for EnterpiseTech, DevOps industry veteran Todd Vernon insisted that the notion of DevOps is merely “a collection of best-of-breed tools that are glued together to meet the current demands of engineering…sells the vision short”.

State of On-Call Survey

December 17, 2014

VictorOps published the results of its survey on the state of on-call activities, which it claims to be the first of its kind. The survey includes data about the challenges of being on-call, the surrounding context of those on-call and the trends that are shaping this part of the industry.

So you want to raise Venture Capital? A look at how a surfer, a surfboard, and a wave can help.

December 11, 2014

I’ve been starting companies for the better part of 20 years now. A lot people approach me with questions around financing their startup. Years ago a notable venture capitalist gave me a great rule of thumb for determining if your startup is something financeable, and it can be visualized by thinking of a surfer, standing on a surfboard, standing on a wave. Seems deceptively easy, but there is a lot of power in that simple image. Here’s how it works.

Integration Tools that Bridge the Mobile DevOps Gap

March 12, 2015

When enterprise architects consider mobile application integration, the focus is typically on the link between the cloud and the consumer. A new generation of mobile DevOps integration tools promises to improve the connection between application infrastructure, operations personnel, QA and developers. This promises to streamline the application development lifecycle, improve velocity, and reduce the duration and severity of bugs and…

VictorOps Releases Inaugural State of On-Call Report; Collaboration Tops List of How IT Teams Solve Problems

December 2, 2014

According to research from VictorOps, DevOps is a growing trend from enterprise IT to SaaS solution providers. Additionally, the primary research shows that collaboration is essential as IT teams work toward faster time to resolution. Systems have grown too complex to continue limiting problem solving to just a few people in the IT organization, and collaboration using both mobile and desktop technology is a key component of success.

VictorOps to Reveal Findings of Inaugural State of On-Call Report During December 2nd Webinar

November 25, 2014

VictorOps will host a webinar with New Relic that will reveal findings of their forthcoming 2014 State of On-Call Report. The report, based on a survey of nearly 500 IT professionals centered around challenges and general state of what it means to be on-call today.

VictorOps Introduces First-of-Its-Kind Technology that Automates Human Behavior Around Solving IT Problems

November 12, 2014

VictorOps is changing the DevOps game with the introduction of the VictorOps Transmogrifier. Addressing two of the biggest challenges of being on-call today–documentation and alert fatigue–The Transmogrifier automates the human element that is inherent to solving problems that until now had not been addressed by existing IT alerting or incident management software.

Running a Startup: What Life Is Really Like in the Early Days

October 28, 2014

A look at what to expect and anticipate in the first few years as a CEO for a startup

VictorOps Continues Support of ChatOps with Hubot Integration

October 21, 2014

Hubot, an open source tool, originally built by GitHub, is a way for DevOps teams to automate operations tasks. A direct Hubot integration has been a top request from VictorOps customers in their effort to keep all remediation data on-platform. With this ChatOps-inspired integration, VictorOps users can manage issues automatically by injecting Hubot commands directly into their VictorOps timeline and receiving corresponding results inline. The added functionality from this integration allows common commands like deploying code or fetching logs to occur anytime from anyplace via the VictorOps web client and mobile app.

How to Find the Right Startup for You

October 16, 2014

Matching yourself with the best opportunity is critical to your happiness and success. Here’s how to make sure you find a good fit.

VictorOps Eliminates Alert Fatigue for IT Teams and Uncovers the Actionable Data For More Efficient Ops Practices

October 1, 2014

With the proliferation of monitoring and analysis tools, the noise level for IT teams has increased to the point of being distracting. Recognizing the problem, VictorOps, the leading DevOps collaboration and incident management platform, today announced a set of Resolution Analytics tools that makes finding what is important and actionable simple.

VictorOps Introduces Follow-The-Sun Advanced Scheduling for Global Teams

August 28, 2014

VictorOps, the leading collaboration and incident management platform designed for DevOps teams, today announced the addition of follow-the-sun scheduling to the VictorOps platform. Now, VictorOps customers who have on-call counterparts in other parts of the world can simply and clearly manage schedules. This addition makes it possible for global teams to divide 24/7 on-call responsibilities by daylight hours so no one has to be on-call at 2 AM.

VictorOps Promotes Information Reuse in Next Series of Integrations; Starts with HipChat

August 21, 2014

VictorOps, the leading collaboration and incident management platform designed for DevOps teams, today announced a first-class integration with Atlassian’s HipChat. With this integration, VictorOps users can create a HipChat room that pipes in the VictorOps feed and allows chat conducted in that room to be captured in the VictorOps timeline.

VictorOps Introduces First Retrospection Reporting for DevOps

July 11, 2014

VictorOps announced the first retrospection reporting tool for DevOps. VictorOps Post Mortem Report automates the process of retrospection as a way to determine what led to problem resolution. It allows a team to take a snapshot of the incident so that the next time a similar situation arises there is a documented account of how the problem was solved. “This is a game-changer for DevOps,” said Todd Vernon, CEO.

VictorOps knows if you work hard, you play hard

May 15, 2015

Victor Ops ranked No. 2 in the medium-sized companies category for the 2015 Best Places to Work.

VictorOps Adds AppDynamics and Dotcom-Monitor to Growing List of Integrations

June 2, 2014

VictorOps continues to add support that surfaces more information and gives deeper visibility into systems and infrastructures for DevOps teams. New integrations with AppDynamics and Dotcom-Monitor join VictorOps growing list of integrations that deliver enterprise-ready support for large-scale infrastructure and applications.

VictorOps Supports Colorado Startup Community with Participation in Boulder Startup Week

May 12, 2014

VictorOps is participating in Boulder Startup Week with four sessions: Trouble in Paradise, Big Data Lightning Talks, Saying Adios to the Startups that Once Were, and The Controversy of Diversity. Come join us!

VictorOps Adds Integrations With Crittercism, Splunk and Zenoss

April 24, 2014

By sharing information across the IT organization, beyond system administrator and IT operations teams, through these types of integrations, the efficiency of the organization will only increase and downtime will be reduced, which will ultimately decrease the cost of IT operations,” said Bill Karpovich, CEO, Zenoss.

Not All Collaboration Types Are Equal

April 11, 2014

“Talking about collaboration in general terms is easy. I’ve done it and so has everyone else. It’s time now to dig deeper into the specifics of collaboration, meaning different types – asynchronous vs. synchronous, vertical vs. horizontal – and how different companies sit into the magic collaboration quadrant. And yes, the quadrant is indeed magical.”

VictorOps Joins Rackspace Marketplace

March 19, 2014

VictorOps has joined the Marketplace for Rackspace® Hosting, (NYSE: RAX), the open cloud company. As part of the Marketplace, VictorOps will offer a solution for Rackspace customers that gives them constant situational awareness of their application performance allowing for smarter, real-time collaboration around problems.

VictorOps Announces Integrations at All Levels of the Technology Stack

March 5, 2014

VictorOps has new integrations that span all levels of the technology stack. With the addition of New Relic, SalesForce, Sensu and Zabbix to the list of integration partners, VictorOps is expanding the amount of relevant information available to DevOps as a way to help them make better-informed decisions which leads to reduced time-to-resolution.

VictorOps Releases Platform to Address Needs of Modern DevOps Teams; Applies Social Media Principle of Continuous Partial Attention to DevOps

February 12, 2014

Coming into 2014 with momentum from a successful fourth quarter of 2013 and Series A funding, VictorOps is tackling the problems facing DevOps teams by taking a cue from social media. Today the company announced the general availability of its alerting and collaboration platform with nearly 200 companies coming out of beta.

Colorado CEOs you don’t know but should: Todd Vernon, VictorOps

December 9, 2013

“The VictorOps platform gives the teams responsible for monitoring and remediating problems with those platforms a way to solve problems fast and keep the revenue engine running. VictorOps spent all of 2013 building and testing our product with the help of supportive test customers, many in Colorado. In 2014, VictorOps will begin revenue production, which of course is the point of starting a business.”

Defining DevOps Through Conversation

October 30, 2013

“We see DevOps instantiating the lean startup culture throughout an organization. DevOps promotes short cycle times, automation, and deep integration across a company with the goal of innovating quicker and more effectively against customers’ needs. In short, we view it as a cultural methodology that increases the odds of success for a company.”

VictorOps: A Glimpse At The Future Of Mobile-Based DevOps Management

October 1, 2013

“VictorOps is going to change the way teams manage servers and cloud infrastructure. What really gets me excited about VictorOps is that it is one of the few companies I have seen that is actually leveraging the mobile platform instead of just porting a desktop app to a phone. I have seen the future of mobile DevOps management, and that future is VictorOps.”

VictorOps Raises $6.5M For A Twitter-Like DevOps Tool To Monitor The Always-On Cloud

September 26, 2013

“Vernon said in an email that Twitter steals cycles from your brain due to their ease of use. People are more aware of things around them in a disproportionate way to the time it takes to find the information. VictorOps follows the same principles so that everyone on the team can participate by this process of cycle stealing. Everyone can have an eye on the infrastructure, but not feel like it’s their responsibility.”

VictorOps Improves Collaboration for Development Teams

September 26, 2013

“VictorOps builds on the concept of a live timeline of alert data, platform intelligence and team interaction to create IT situational awareness. In addition it seamlessly orchestrates incident identification, escalation, notification, and remediation among team members regardless of their physical location or the time of day.”

VictorOps Raises $6.5M, Releases Mobile-Capable Tool Kit for DevOps

September 26, 2013

“VictorOps is for ‘the ops guys,’ giving them tools to diagnose system problems and outages and communicate with their team over the web and smartphones. The software interfaces with a client’s enterprise monitoring software and manages incident identification, escalation, notification, and remediation among team members regardless of physical location or time of day.”

VictorOps Raises $6.5M, Plans Move

September 26, 2013

“The way it works is a client’s enterprise monitoring system sends strains of data about system alerts or outages to VictorOps. That information is then broadcast to the client’s development ops people via Android, iPhone or web-based applications. That way everyone sees the information in real time for quicker diagnosis and remedy of the problem. VictorOps’ system can also help route the alerts to the client’s person or people most likely to have expertise about a given issue. For the client business, it all means less downtime and thus less lost revenue.”

Funding Daily: A Baker’s Dozen and One For Luck

September 26, 2013

“VictorOps wants to help operations teams take care of remediation issues and fast. Chief executive Todd Vernon explained to VentureBeat at its launch that sales teams have Salesforce, and dev teams have Rally, but he doesn’t believe there’s any real place for “ops” teams.”

Venture Capital Deals: VictorOps

September 26, 2013

“VictorOps, a Boulder, Colo.-based collaborative platform designed for DevOps teams, has raised $6.5M in Series A funding. Costanoa Venture Capital lead the round, and was joined by Foundry Group.”

VictorOps Gets $6.5M For DevOps Software, Plans Big Hiring Boost

September 26, 2013

“VictorOps develops software to help manage IT operations and software, as part of the “DevOps” movement towards rapid release and fix of software into working, production environments. The company says its software helps manage and remediate software system alerts and outages.”

VictorOps Announces $6.5 Million Series A Funding from Costanoa Venture Capital and Foundry Group

September 26, 2013

VictorOps, the first collaborative platform designed for DevOps teams, announced its Series A financing round of $6.5M, led by Costanoa Venture Capital with participation from Foundry Group, lead investor in the company’s 2012 seed round. VictorOps is helping DevOps teams effectively manage and remediate software system alerts and outages by bringing its product to public beta.

Tech Trio Out To Fix Glitches From Afar

January 4, 2013

“A trio of local high-tech veterans has co-founded VictorOps, Inc., a company that intends to provide a way for operations teams to manage and solve problems related to software system alerts and outages from outside the office.”

VictorOps Launches with $1.58M

December 31, 2012

“Boulder, Colo.-based startup VictorOps has launched with $1.58M in seed financing led by Foundry Group. Tango and the company’s co-founders also participated in the round, which will help VictorOps build a ‘vertical collaboration platform’. Jim Lejeal, CFO at Rally Software, will join VictorOps as an Independent Director.”

VictorOps Launches with $1.58 Million Seed Funding from Foundry Group and Tango

December 27, 2012

VictorOps, a new Boulder start-up, is launching with a seed financing round of $1.58M to build a vertical collaboration platform that enables Ops, DevOps and TechOps teams at SaaS businesses to effectively manage and remediate software system alerts and outages. The seed financing round is led by Foundry Group with participation from Tango and the companies co-founders.