Get alerted, then fix those critical issues fast.

Add Intelligence and Action Steps to Your Alerts

Fix critical issues fast with the New Relic/VictorOps integration. While New Relic detects problems across your entire technology stack, VictorOps adds intelligent routing, smart escalation, and remediation instructions to those critical, time-sensitive New Relic alerts.

Get the Right Expert on the Case

By integrating New Relic with VictorOps, you’ll use the VictorOps Incident Automation Engine to add logic to alerts and get them to the right responders fast, set alert severity levels so teams are only alerted when something is critically wrong, and serve up instructions alongside alerts, for rapid remediation.

Improve Incident Resolution Time

Together, New Relic and VictorOps support your DevOps initiatives, adding transparency and continuous improvement to your incident management processes. You have invested in New Relic’s intelligent alerting system. Now make those alerts actionable. Get started with implementing the New Relic/VictorOps integration.

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