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On-Call Scheduling and Rotations

Set your phone tree on fire. With VictorOps on-call scheduling and rotations, we automate the essentials to make on-call suck way less. From team management to administrative inefficiencies, we save you time and headache, so you can focus on doing work you love.


No more spreadsheets, phone trees, or confusion about who’s on-call. Set up teams; then, automate notifications to align with time, severity, and other custom factors. Choose your contact methods (SMS, phone, push, email, chat) and empower each team member to customize their preferences.

Automated Escalation

Different alerts require different escalation behavior. With our unique, customizable policies, you can ensure an unacknowledged alert will find a responder, so critical alerts never go unanswered. Our relentless and flexible system will support you in any situation.

Scheduled Overrides and Handoffs

Via an easy-to-use interface, users can request/take on-call shifts from other team members without having to fuss with schedules. Need someone to swap on-call in a pinch? We support one-click handoffs from mobile and web.

API and Webhooks

The VictorOps API customizes and extends platform functionality to serve your organization’s workflows. Outbound webhooks send platform data into other systems, allowing for custom dashboarding, external ticketing, and automated syncs to your systems.

Mobile and Web Interface

Never be blindly forced to your desktop in the middle of the night. Our native iOS and Android apps streamline and modernize incident management. With the app, you’ll find on-the-go visibility, holistic incident context, and internal communication tools to quickly solve problems on your own device.

Let us help you make on-call suck less.

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