Why VictorOps is the DevOps Alternative to PagerDuty

Looking for an alternative to PagerDuty? VictorOps is incident management that makes on-call suck less. With VictorOps, you can do more than monitor your problems because, unlike PagerDuty, we support streamlined visibility for the systems you co-create, enabling teams to lean into the speed of DevOps.

Event Transparency

If you’re only interested in a list of shit that’s broken, then let us direct you to our competitor. With VictorOps, you’ll find next-level transparency and visibility with our incident timeline, centralizing system activity, user interactions, and more. Use filters to drill down and extract a chronological list of events or even eliminate noise not directly related to your responsibilities.

Alert Routing—Simplified

Step away from traditional ITIL and focus on philosophies to support your business goals. The transmogrifier takes a decentralized approach, enabling first responder automation and remediation. Beyond out-of-the-box routing, customers have instrumented thousands of rules to reduce unactionable alerts, intelligently route problems, and append solutions to alerts.

End-to-End Visibility

You know what sucks? Digging around for the source of an outage only to find another team recently deployed to production. Leverage VictorOps delivery insights for fast forensics, surfacing changes to the production environment that could impact uptime. Think of it as SDLC insights outside of traditional monitoring to help you avoid a, “We just shot ourselves in the foot,” feeling.

Native Mobile Platform

Being on-call shouldn’t mean you’re chained to your computer. When a critical event occurs, your device not only alerts you, but also enables you to view your infrastructure's holistic health, bring domain experts into the conversation, and triage problems without opening your computer or waiting for an outdated app to load.

Built for Reliability & SRE

Availability is our #1 feature. We never stop looking for ways our systems and processes can improve reliability, infusing those learnings into both our culture and product. From resiliency to observability, VictorOps lives and breathes the continuous learning and improvement SREs rely on to build system confidence and minimize downtime.

No-Stress Migration

Ready to ditch the old-school page? Migrating to VictorOps is painless. With world-class support (seriously, they’re good) and straightforward documentation, we’ll have you up and acking right away. You’ll have all comparable basics within minutes—plus the features and functionalities to manage incidents at the speed of innovation.

Ready to get started?

Let us help you make on-call suck less.