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Andi Mann Talks SecOps and The 2019 State of DevOps Report

In episode 5 of Ship Happens, Andi Mann joins Benton to talk about the 2019 State of DevOps Report and the importance of security operations and QA, and how you can mitigate negative effects on CI/CD pipelines. You’ll hear what’s happening with DevOps today, as well as actionable tips for getting organizational buy-in for SecOps practices while simultaneously tightening cross-functional communication between engineering teams and disciplines.

Full Show Notes:

Hear Andi’s story and his contributions to the State of DevOps Report

Andi Mann has worked in nearly all departments of IT, software engineering and advocacy in his 35+ years in the industry. Now, Andi leads the innovation research and advisory team for Splunk’s IT Markets business, helping support leading-edge customers with DevOps, SRE, AppSec, CI/CD etc., as well as promoting the numerous use cases for Splunk itself. He uses his expertise and his background to learn about how the DevOps industry is evolving and publishes his findings in the 2019 State of DevOps Report.

How to do this DevOps ‘thing’

Andi gives some great advice for getting organization buy-in for DevOps and SecOps practices and how to tightly integrate them without hindering velocity. Implementing DevOps isn’t as simple as buying a tool and automating a process or two. Andi describes some real ways to think about DevOps in order to help any team, at any level of maturity, adopt DevOps in a thoughtful way that drives value.

Why Ops is the center of your business

With developers managing their own code and taking accountability for production uptime and on-call responsibilities, developers are now taking part in operations functions (i.e. DevOps). See how Ops contributes value to all aspects of the business, including sales, engineering, product, etc. If your applications and infrastructure experience downtime or frequent performance errors, they negatively impact customer sentiment and experience - hurting your business.

On-call during a London hurricane

As an on-call contractor, living near the affected data center, what happens when a hurricane sweeps through London? With no help coming, with just a few people managing a major incident in the midst of hurricane recovery, Andi shows just how bad on-call can suck.

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