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Crucial Visibility for Rapid Response

When it comes to incident management, you need a holistic picture of the issue in order to find a solution, which includes both people and systems. We aim to create a global, highly-visible platform, providing you the context necessary to solve problems with speed and efficiency.


See what’s happening in your environment with an ongoing log of all alerts, actions, and conversations. You’ll have continuous data from all integrated systems, including chat tools, as alerts flow through the system and people work together.

Team Access & Insights

Not sure who’s awake, available, and on-call? Quickly find this information to ensure responders can easily collaborate, even in the middle of the night. You immediately can view up-to-date contact information for each user in the click of a button.

Incident Dashboard

The Incident Dashboard provides a quick view of what systems are misbehaving—and who’s taking corresponding action. You can view historical details and communicate, all within an incident, providing the necessary information for remediation.

Control Call

Some situations require more synchronous communication than chat allows. Enter Control Call. VictorOps offers a built-in conferencing tool, making it easy to launch a call and invite users directly from the app. As users join, attendance is logged in the Timeline for SLA reporting and Post-Incident Reviews.

Stakeholder Updates

When you need to focus on resolving an incident, getting bombarded with questions from business stakeholders distracts from the remediation process. Our Atlassian StatusPage integration allows your team to quickly update stakeholders with approved messaging templates, without taking resources away from the frontline. This means a reduction in time needed for cat herding and message curating and an increase in available time for firefighting.

End-to-End Visibility

You know what sucks? Digging around for the source of an outage only to find another team recently deployed to production. Leverage VictorOps delivery insights for fast forensics, surfacing changes to the production environment that could impact uptime. Think of it as SDLC insights outside of traditional monitoring to help you avoid a, “We just shot ourselves in the foot,” feeling.

Let us help you make on-call suck less.

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