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Build the Future Fearlessly: DevOps at VictorOps

Interested in what’s new at VictorOps? Join our webinar with VP of Product, Joni Klippert, on December 19, 2017, 10 am PT/1 pm PT, as we discuss the latest in Incident Management. We’ll cover everything from industry trends to why on-call and development teams are moving to VictorOps, including technical details on how you can uplevel your incident management program to improve reliability and innovation.

Hope to see you there!

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Incident Management Buyer’s Guide

Learn what modern incident management is and the value it brings to your IT and on-call teams. In the Incident Management Buyer’s Guide, we explore...

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Traditional Post-Incident Review (Post-Mortem) techniques don’t work well in modern IT environments. Why? Because DevOps teams require updated met...

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The 2016/17 State Of On-call

Fast recovery is awesome. On-call misery is not. Over 800 professionals shared a comprehensive picture of life on-call. Their on-call experiences ...

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Distributed Operations: How uShip Built a Culture of Code Ownership for Faster Feature Delivery

VictorOps is a big part of helping the Axis 411 team taking more responsibility and ownership for the commitment they make.

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Craftsy Gets Alert Context with the Incident Automation Engine

By utilizing VictorOps, the Craftsy development team has faster time-to-resolution, less on-call fatigue, less anxiety, and happier people.

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AlienVault: Incident Response Management Focused on Context and Shared Responsibility

See how AlienVault develops organizational concepts of software velocity, incident response, and on-call support.

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Top 10 Practices of Highly Successful DevOps Incident Management Teams

Managing incidents in a DevOps environment is a near insurmountable task. With shared responsibilities and on-call rotations, anyone might be calle...

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ChatOps Happy Hour & Meet the Author

Looking for information on ChatOps? This recorded happy hour live stream is for you. Jason Hand, technical evangelist and author of, “ChatOps, Man...

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Ending Alert Fatigue with Modern Security & Incident Management

Real-time monitoring and alerting are critical to maintaining the performance and security of your infrastructure. But, with today’s astounding acc...

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