DevOps is awesome.
Being on-call isn’t.

Learn what over 600 DevOps professionals have to say about the state of on-call in 2015, and what steps they’re taking to make things better.

Download the report and learn:

  • The prevalence of alert fatigue and what’s being done about it
  • Top pain points of being on-call
  • Average time to resolution and how to solve problems faster
  • What tools are most important to have in the firefight
  • Where the biggest challenges are in the incident lifecycle
  • What are the most popular tools for monitoring

VictorOps is the leading real-time incident management platform for enabling DevOps teams to intelligently handle incidents from notification through retrospective. We work hard to make on-call suck less.

Just a few of the questions we included:

  • What is the average duration of an on-call shift?
  • What steps are you taking to reduce alert noise?
  • How are you currently being alerted to issues with your infrastructure and applications?
  • How do you communicate externally during a firefight?
  • What tools do your use to facilitate ChatOps during remediation?
  • What monitoring systems do you use?
  • What do you look at in order to improve remediation efforts?