Get the right person on the phone with Live Call Routing

Live Call Routing

When texting doesn’t fully explain the problem, a phone call might be the answer. Live Call Routing sends incoming phone calls to the right responders right away. Flexible configuration options support simple routing, phone trees, voicemails or live calls.

Leverage Escalation Policies

Use VictorOps’ powerful scheduling and escalation policies and know that if primary responders are unreachable, secondary responders are on the case.

Easily make adjustments

Using the power of Twilio Functions’ serverless environment, you have complete control to adjust functionality right from the Twilio console without having to change any code.

Only pay for what you use

The feature is available to all VictorOps customers, with no premium or add-on charges except for purchasing a Twilio account, which is extremely affordable and pay as you go.

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