Discover Why VictorOps is the DevOps Alternative to OpsGenie

Unlike OpsGenie, VictorOps is changing the way your team discovers, manages, resolves, and learns about incidents. Incident management has moved beyond a simple alert, so why use a product that doesn’t innovate alongside you?

On-Call Done Right

We’re constantly updating our product, giving you the most valuable features in incident management. Our alerting system has substance. The VictorOps team—from marketing to product—has a steady pulse on what customers need. Plus our engineering team is the best in the business. They take addressing incidents seriously—which translates to better uptime. We’re purpose-built to help you focus on the work that matters.

Let Us Alert You—Minus the Noise

Simple alerting is great—in theory—because too many alerts can be painful. Moreover, alerts without the correct contextual information can make it impossible to get anything done. That’s why we offer the ability for each team to precisely configure alerts to fit their needs, and provide annotated alerts to help you understand the issue. With our logic-based alerting, you can speed time to resolution and avoid the noise.

Mobile-First Since... Always

We know that most alerts don’t happen while you’re sitting at your desktop, which is why our native iOS and Android apps are intuitive, fast, and reliable—and get updated on a regular basis. We help you streamline and modernize incident management on your own device. You’ll discover a holistic picture of incident context, including on-the-go visibility and internal communication tools, to quickly solve problems.

Improve Your Collaboration

We all know collaboration is key, but few companies put emphasis on it. VictorOps encourages getting your entire engineering and Ops teams on board, making it easier to resolve issues as they arise. And with seamless, bi-directional integrations with tools like Slack and HipChat, you can easily collaborate while you firefight.

Fast Incident Forensics

Examine the entire software delivery lifecycle outside of traditional monitoring with VictorOps delivery insights. We’ll help you surfaces changes to the production environment that could impact uptime, so you don’t have to dig around trying to find the source of an outage. Now you can quickly identify an issue and move on to the next thing.

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